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Diversity Studies

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The Diversity Studies certificate program will introduce students to skills and insights that are needed when working with diverse populations in the contemporary United States. Through a broad cross-section of courses throughout the college curriculum, students will develop an understanding of the complexities within our pluralistic society. This certificate enhances students' communication and interpersonal skills to equip them to critically analyze and challenge systems of oppression. The Diversity Studies certificate program helps prepare students to navigate interpersonal and systemic issues that they will likely encounter in contemporary workplace and educational environments.

  • By completing this program, students will achieve the following learning goals:

    1. Demonstrate an informed familiarity with the life experiences of marginalized groups based on the social construction of race, ethnicity, culture, class, gender, sexuality, age, disability, religion, and other marginalized identities;
    2. Apply communication and other interpersonal skills that reflect an awareness of diversity in the form of race, ethnicity, culture, class, gender, sexuality, age, disability, religion, and other marginalized identities; and
    3. Analyze contemporary systemic patterns of oppression in the United States.
    • A minimum of 12 semester credits must be completed at ARCC.
    • A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in courses numbered 1000 or above at ARCC.
    • A minimum grade of C must be earned in all program and additional requirements.
    • All course requirements must be complete before a certificate will be awarded.
    • To complete your program, please submit the appropriate application found here.
    • The requirements of this program are subject to change without notice.
  • 10 credits

    CMST 2210 Intercultural Communication 3
    SOC 1111 OR 
    SOC 1200/INTS 1200
    General Sociology (fall) /
    Introduction to Sociology (spring) OR
    Introduction to Diversity Studies
    SOC 2207 Social Inequalities 3
    SOC 2291/INTS 2291^ Capstone Course for
    Diversity Studies Certificate Program

    ^Course requires Instructor permission.  

  • 6 credits

    Choose 6 credits from the following:
    ASL 1103 Deaf Culture 3
    BUS 1103 Human Relations in the Workplace 3
    EDUC 2031 Introduction to Special Education 4
    EDUC 2050 Human Relations and Multicultural Education 3
    HIST 2280 History of Immigration and Ethnicity in the United States 4
    HPER 1102 Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco 3
    HUM 1511 Introduction to Islam and Culture 3
    HUM 2233/WGST 2233 Women in American Culture 3
    PHIL 1115 Comparative World Religions 3
    PHIL 1180 Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy 3
    PHIL 1200 Medical Ethics 3
    PSYC 1135 Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders 2
    PSYC 2120/WGST 2120* Psychology of Women 3
    PSYC 2250* Abnormal Psychology 3
    SOC 1145/WGST 1145 Gender in Society 3
    SOC 2221* Social Problems 3
    SPAN 1112/HUM 1112 Spanish and Latin American Culture:
    Conquest to present
    SPAN 1600/HCCC 1600/NURS 1600 Spanish for Healthcare Professionals 3

     *Course has prerequisite - see course schedule or catalog description.

  • The sequence that follows is suggested for full-time students. Part-time students will need more time to complete this program; many courses are offered in the evening.


    First Term Second Term
    CMST 2210 3 SOC 2207 3  
    SOC 1111 or SOC/INTS 1200 3 SOC 2291/INTS 2291 1
    Elective 3 Elective 3

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