Student Publications

Student Publications

student publications

The Spirit River Review (Cambridge Campus) and The Rapids Review (Coon Rapids Campus) literary and arts magazines are published by the members of the Creative Writing Club.

All students interested in writing poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction, or in creating artwork are encouraged to submit work to their campus's literary publication.

Student Newspaper

The Campus Eye is a student-run newspaper serving the Cambridge Campus and Coon Rapids Campus. It provides students with an opportunity to gain experience and proficiency in journalism, photography, editing and design. Join the staff and earn elective credit. Contact faculty member Melody Hoffmann for details.

  • The Spirit River Review publishes submissions of original works of visual art, poetry, fiction, drama, and creative non-fiction from all Cambridge Campus students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The publication is generally open for submissions in February and March.

    For more information, contact Cambridge Campus English Faculty member, Bill Breen.

    View the 2020 Spirit River Review.


    • “SRR Submission” in the email subject line

    • the writer or artist’s name

    • title of the work

    • genre of the work (poetry, short story, charcoal sketch, oil painting, etc.)

    All creative writing submissions must be sent as Microsoft Word attachments. All visual art must be sent as JPEG attachments. Email submissions to

    Poetry submissions may not exceed 75 lines. 

    Short Story and Creative Non-Fiction submissions may not exceed 2,500 words.

    Writers and artists may submit a total of five works.


    It is assumed that all materials submitted for inclusion in the magazine are the work of, and under the sole ownership of, the person or persons submitting such items. 

    The Editorial Board reserves the right to make final decisions on what shall be included and/or excluded from the issue as a whole. The Editorial Board also reserves the right to make editing changes in all copy submitted for inclusion, but will strive to maintain the integrity of such materials.

  • The Rapids Review is the literary magazine of the Coon Rapids Campus, created and published by the Coon Rapids Creative Writing Club (CWC). All students enrolled on the Coon Rapids Campus are invited to submit poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and artwork for publication now through March 7, 2021.

    This free publication will be available/distributed online in late spring semester.

    For more information, contact the Coon Rapids Campus Creative Writing Club (CWC) Advisor Laurel Smith



    View the 2020 The Rapids Review.

    View the 2019 The Rapids Review.

    View the 2018 The Rapids Review.

  • DEADLINE: The submission deadline is annually in March.

    The Creative Writing Club invites ALL students to submit creative work to be considered for publication in the annual issue of our literary magazine, the Rapids Review.


    The Rapids Review is the Coon Rapids Campus student literary magazine. It is dedicated to publishing a wide range of excellently crafted work by student writers of any experience and all ethnicities, genders, religions, sexual orientations, marital statuses, ages, and abilities. The Rapids Review is seeking submissions of prose, poetry, personal essays, short fiction photography, and visual art for the annual spring issue.

    We accept submissions of poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, photography or artwork from January through March each year. Check back for more details. Please contact Laurel Smith at with questions.

    Email attachments of submission material in the following formats:

    • For text (poetry, short fiction, personal essays, and creative non-fiction): send submissions as Word documents (available to all students through outlook)
    • For photos: send submissions as PDF files
    • For artwork: send submissions as jpeg files

    Check out our last two editions from 20182019, and 2020


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