Partnership Programs


Partnership Programs

Our Partnership Programs allow students to earn select bachelor’s degrees, licenses, and advanced credentials from Minnesota State Universities and other private universities, on the Coon Rapids and Cambridge campuses of Anoka-Ramsey Community College.

As a community college, Anoka-Ramsey's goal is to help students prepare to transfer to a bachelor's degree. To support students in the transfer process, Anoka-Ramsey has established transfer partnerships and pathways with other colleges and universities in Minnesota.

Transfer Pathways - Minnesota State Specific

Transfer Pathways are designated associate degrees offered at Anoka-Ramsey that are guaranteed to transfer smoothly into Minnesota State Universities and their corresponding bachelor's degrees. For more information on the Transfer Pathway associate degrees you can complete at Anoka-Ramsey and the corresponding Minnesota State Universities they transfer to, please click HERE.

Transfer Partnerships

In addition to the above Transfer Pathway degrees, Anoka-Ramsey has additional partnerships to aid students in the transfer process and provide additional opportunities. See below for information on our Transfer Partnerships.