Financial Aid Dates & Deadlines

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Financial Aid Dates & Deadlines

Students are responsible for their course enrollment.  If you are not eligible for financial aid and do not drop your classes, you will be held financially responsible. See the course schedule for individual course withdrawal deadlines.

Anoka-Ramsey Community College reserves the right to make necessary changes to the college calendar. In the event of a change, the college will attempt to accommodate students. This does not guarantee that courses, activities or other college programs will be completed or rescheduled.

May 10 Summer 2021 Semester tuition due
May 14 Spring 2021 Semester ends
June 1 Summer 2021 Semester begins
July 15 FAFSA Priority Deadline Fall 2021
Aug. 2 Fall 2021 Semester tuition due
Aug. 6 Summer 2021 Semester ends


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