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Connecting with you is our priority. It is important to us to develop and nurture relationships between the college and alumni, current students, parents, donors, other friends of the college, businesses, service organizations, corporations, foundations, and government agencies. The resulting synergy helps transform students' lives—today and for generations to come.

The two foundations at Anoka-Ramsey are 501(c)(3) non profit organizations that function as avenues for gifts and grants that benefit the college and our students.

Make a gift to the  Cambridge Foundation.
Make a gift to the Coon Rapids Foundation.
Make a non-cash gift complete the Non-Cash Gifts Form. Learn more about non-cash gifts below. 

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  • We are proud of our alumni and hope to continue to strengthen our relationship with you.

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  • The Cambridge Campus Foundation encourages, accepts and administers gifts and grants that provide financial support for students and projects that would not be possible through regular college funding structures. The Foundation's primary goal is to make college affordable and accessible through scholarships to area residents who want to pursue post-secondary education.

    Board Members 2023-2024

    Chair Judith Kissner
    Vice Chair Peter Newton
    Treasurer Kelby Jennissen
    Secretary Kristin Bruss

    Paul Sanders
    Desiree Cuda
    Nate Rudolph
    Jessica Harris

    Ex-Officio & Staff

    Kent Hanson, Ph.D.
    President Robert Perez, Vice President of Finance & Administration
    Steve Crittenden, Interim VP of Academic & Student Affairs
    Peter Wahlstrom, Faculty Representative
    Lara Wood, Foundations Administrative Specialist

    Faculty Representative  
  • The Coon Rapids Campus Foundation promotes an awareness and understanding of the College and its educational, cultural and developmental value to the surrounding communities. Foundation volunteers accept donations for scholarships and other enrichment projects not provided through regular college funding.

    Board Members 2023-2024

    Chair Lora Anderson
    Vice Chair Tyler Eubank
    Treasurer Scott Hudson
    Secretary Jim Hansen

    Pamela Demmer
    Sandi Hitch
    Nick Loehlein
    Ben Robeck
    Todd Olson
    Jason Tiosvold

    Ex-Officio & Staff

    Kent Hanson, Ph.D. President
    Robert Perez, Vice President of Finance & Administration
    Lara Wood, Foundations Administrative Specialist

    Faculty Representative

    Anita Schneider

    Student Representative

  • Cambridge Foundation FY20 Financial Statements

    Coon Rapids Foundation FY20 Financial Statements

    The Anoka Technical College Foundation, the Anoka-Ramsey Community College Foundation – Coon Rapids, and Anoka-Ramsey Community College Foundation – Cambridge takes pride in the accuracy and integrity of the fiscal management and financial reporting within all three foundations.  Staff and leadership within the three foundations are assisted in its day-to-day financial work through a contractual relationship with a reputable, national CPA firm, CliftonLarsonAllen.  This firm has significant expertise working with non-profits, foundations, and higher-education.  It is a well-respected firm that employs more than 4,500 professionals, including more than 1,800 CPAs, and serves approximately 150,000 clients across the country. 

    Every three years, CPA firms are required to obtain an independent peer review of their system of quality control for their accounting and auditing practice. The most recent peer review report received by CliftonLarsonAllen expressed a rating of “pass,” which is the most positive report that can be received.

    In addition, the three foundations undergo an independent financial statement audit once every three years. During the off years, each foundation undergoes an independent financial statement review by a well-established and reputable CPA firm, BerganKDV.  BerganKDV has more than 60 years of experience working with the nonprofit community. In the most recent independent financial statement audits for Anoka Technical College Foundation and Anoka-Ramsey Community College – Cambridge Foundation, the auditors have expressed an “unmodified” opinion.  Simply, an “unmodified” opinion is a clean opinion stating the financial statements are presented, in all material respects, in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework. The independent financial statement audit for Coon Rapids is scheduled for this year.  We expect an “unmodified” opinion at the end of this audit as well. 

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