Important information about Spring 2020 grading options to support your academic success during COVID-19 

Anoka-Ramsey Community College uses the following grading system.

A Superior Achievement—4 grade points per credit.
B Above Average Achievement—3 grade points per credit.
C Average Achievement—2 grade points per credit.
D Below Average Achievement—1 grade point per credit.
F Inadequate Achievement—0 grade points per credit (assigned to courses numbered 1000-level or above).
NC No Credit—Inadequate Achievement (assigned to courses numbered below 1000-level and to Competency-Based Education courses).
P Passing—Issued for work that is judged average ("C") or above and suitable for transfer (Pass/Fail options are arranged with your instructor and limited to no more than 20 credits at ARCC).
AU Audit—Allows a student to register, pay and attend, but does not grant a course credit. Audits are student initiated and must be declared at time of registration.
EX Exchange—Credits taken prior to Spring 2007 at another college under a consortium arrangement are not included in GPA calculation. Beginning Spring 2007, students will receive grades of A-F and are included in the GPA.
I Incomplete—A temporary grade based on a written agreement between a student and faculty member. This grade may be assigned if a student is doing satisfactory work, has met a majority of course requirements, and is unable to complete the work of a course due to illness or other extraordinary circumstances beyond the student’s control. An “I” grade automatically becomes an “F” grade (or “NC” for courses numbered below 1000) at the end of the next semester (not including the summer session) if requirements have not been satisfactorily met. The faculty member has the option of setting an earlier completion date.
W Withdrawal—Withdrawals must be requested by deadlines listed in the course schedule (withdrawals are student initiated)
Z Grades for class or classes that are currently in progress

Grading decisions supported by published policies or stated expectations of faculty are not appeal-able.

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  • Your grade report is accessible online through use of your Student/Tech ID and PIN.

    Grade reports are not mailed unless you have made prior arrangements with the Records Office.

  • Only the letter grades (A, B, C, D and F) are utilized in determining your Grade Point Average (GPA). While other grading options are not computed in GPA, they do count towards registered credits.

    Grade point total is the sum of grade points earned as determined by multiplying the grade point value of the grade by the number of course credits.

    Grade Point Average is the quotient of the grade point total divided by the grade point credits.

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