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Returning Student

Welcome Back!

We’re glad you’re planning to attend Anoka-Ramsey again.

Students who have previously attended Anoka-Ramsey, and have not attended for more than two years, do not need to submit a new application to Anoka-Ramsey. Returning students should complete the steps below.

Checklist for Returning Students

  1. Retrieve your StarID

    Retrieve your StarID at StarID Self Service.

    As an Anoka-Ramsey student, you need an active StarID to access your eServices Account, D2L Brightspace, and your Anoka-Ramsey email account. 

  2. Complete and Submit the Readmission Request Form

    Complete and submit the Readmission Request Form

  3. Submit Official Transcripts (if applicable)

    If you have attended other colleges or universities since attending Anoka-Ramsey, you will need to submit official transcripts from those institutions to Anoka-Ramsey's Records Office.


    If you have attended another Minnesota State college or university, the Records Office at Anoka-Ramsey will retrieve your official transcript for you at no cost. You must complete the Minnesota State Transcript Retrieval Form.


    Students with prior coursework at another college, university, or vocational school should submit official transcripts from each institution to the Records Office.

    Have official transcripts sent to:

    Anoka-Ramsey Community College
    Attn: Records
    11200 Mississippi Blvd. NW
    Coon Rapids, MN 55433

    Official transcripts may also be delivered to from educational institutions who use an electronic secure, certified PDF option.

    To learn more about how credits are evaluated, you may read the Minnesota State transfer policy here.

    You may also read the Minnesota State Transfer Rights and Responsibilities policy here.

  4. Transfer Credit Petition Process

    Credits from other institutions are evaluated by the Anoka-Ramsey Records and Registration Office. Credits may transfer in as direct equivalents, general education electives, or general electives. An official transcript must be received by the Records and Registration Office for the evaluation to occur.

    A student has a right to appeal how their transfer credit was evaluated at Anoka-Ramsey.

    A. If a student wishes to appeal a course for direct equivalency or for a course to be placed in a general education MnTC goal area* (goal areas from other Minnstate institutions must transfer into the goal area from the transfer institution) at Anoka-Ramsey, a student should do the following:

    1. Log into their eServices account.

    2. Click on Academic Records, then select Transfer Review.

    3. Ensure all transcripts have been received and evaluated.

    4. Click on Add Request and follow the prompted next steps.

    5. Select the transfer course you wish to appeal and select Reason for Request in the drop-down menu.

    6. Using the space provided, explain in detail the appeal request.

    7. Next, provide documentation such as a syllabus or course outline (course descriptions will not be accepted for evaluating equivalency).

    8. Submit the appeal. Students can use the Check Status feature to track their appeal. The appeal will be reviewed by our Records and Registration Office, and the decision will be entered into the request in eServices in approximately 14 business days.

    A student may re-appeal if their first appeal is denied. This appeal will go to the Academic Dean over the discipline of the degree. Should this appeal be denied, a student can re-appeal once again to the Minnesota State System Office. The appeal and re-appeal process for course equivalency and general education MnTC goal areas can all be conducted using the Transfer Review process in eServices.

    If a student has questions about the transfer credit appeal process, they should contact the or their assigned academic advisor.

    (*Please note Minnesota State policy that when any sending college or university has determined that a course meets MnTC goal area(s) for a student, only the sending college or university goal area(s) must be accepted for the course at every college or university. The receiving college or university shall enter only the goal area(s) determined by the sending college or university in the official repository for course relationships for display in the transfer information system accordingly for that student. System Procedure 3.21.1, Part 6, Subpart H.1.C.)

    B. If a student wishes to appeal a course to meet a program requirement, as opposed to a direct equivalent, the student can appeal using the Academic Standards Petition located at under appeals, petitions and student complaints. The student should work with their assigned academic advisor to file an Academic Standards Petition. Students need to provide reasoning, rationale, and documentation in the Academic Standards Petition process. Once submitted, the Academic Standards Petition will be reviewed by the appropriate dean, and the decision will be emailed to the student within 14 business days. A student may appeal if their petition is denied, this appeal will go to a different Academic Dean for review. Students may submit a final appeal, the final appeal will be reviewed by the Vice President of Academics and Student Services.

    Students who wish to appeal must submit additional information and documentation. Students requesting to appeal denied petitions may email

    Questions regarding ARCC’s Transfer Credit Petition Process should talk to their Academic Advisor or contact us at

  5. Determine Placement

    To see if you have valid placement scores on file, log into your eServices account, then click Courses & Registration, and Course Placement. If valid scores are on on file, your course placement levels will appear.

    If valid placement scores are NOT on file, visit for next steps.

  6. Begin Orientation and Registration Process

    Orientation and Registration is required for returning students that have not attended Anoka-Ramsey in at least two years. It’s an opportunity to get a refresher on important information about your classes and the college.

    Students will be able to start the Orientation and Registration process once they have completed Steps 1-4.

    Visit for more information on the Orientation and Registration process.

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