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High School Administrators

Thank you for your interest in Anoka-Ramsey’s Concurrent Enrollment program. The high school administrative team is a vital partner for a successful Concurrent Enrollment program!

For schools interested in offering their first Anoka-Ramsey Concurrent Enrollment course(s), please contact the Dean of Academic and Community Outreach to begin the conversation. Administering a Concurrent Enrollment program takes considerable time and communication between the high school and Anoka-Ramsey Concurrent Enrollment program (CEP) staff. High schools are tasked with identifying eligible students, administering placement testing (if necessary), and coordinating applications and registration to meet the Anoka-Ramsey deadlines. Each high school will need a point person who can coordinate all elements of the Concurrent Enrollment program. Please see the Concurrent Enrollment High School Guide for more information.

  • There are a number of deadlines leading up to the start of classes. Please review the general timelines and responsibilities below.

    Step Responsibility Timeline
    Discuss courses of interest HS Principal and team, Anoka-Ramsey Dean of Academic and Community Outreach Fall of year preceding course offering (preferably earlier)
    Approval of courses for CEP offering Anoka-Ramsey Dean of Academic and Community Outreach and Anoka-Ramsey Academic Department Dean and Faculty Liaison By March 1 of year preceding course offering
    Application and Approval of HS teacher HS teacher, Principal, Director of K-12 Partnerships By March 1 of year preceding course offering. Applications received after this date will only be considered if replacing the instructor of an existing course.
    Course listed in HS registration process HS Coordinator Determined by HS
    Student Application to Anoka-Ramsey HS Coordinator, Anoka-Ramsey Admissions, Director of K-12 Partnerships Spring preceding course offering
    Placement testing (if applicable) HS Coordinator, Director of K-12 Partnerships Typically late spring (March-May).  Application must be complete prior to placement testing.
    Preliminary Course Confirmation form –list of all CEP courses being offered in following academic year. HS Coordinator, Director of K-12 Partnerships, Anoka-Ramsey records office Due April 1
    Preliminary Rosters and transcripts due in order to accept students over summer. Final Course Confirmation due. Anoka-Ramsey will begin initial registration of students. HS Coordinator and Anoka-Ramsey Director of K-12 Partnerships Due June 1
    Joint Powers Agreement Director of K-12 Partnerships, HS Principal July/August
    Handbook and Introductory video to Students Anoka-Ramsey Director of K-12 Partnerships, HS Partner Teacher First week of class
    Final Add/Drop registration of students in CE course, final rosters due.  Online registration of students at select schools. Anoka-Ramsey Director of K-12 Partnerships, HS Primary Contact First week of class
  • Concurrent Enrollment Course Request Form – Required for all new courses. The request form will be reviewed by the department and academic leadership to determine if a course will be approved to run as a Concurrent Enrollment course at that particular high school. Anoka-Ramsey may follow up with the high school to determine feasibility.

    Concurrent Enrollment Online Application Instructions – Guide to assist students and administration walk through the online application.

    Concurrent Enrollment Course Withdraw Form – This form must be completed in order to withdraw a student from a course, for schools that do not offer online course registration. Students can be withdrawn starting the 6th day after a course has started through 80% of the course.

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