PSEO: 10th Grade Career and Technical Students

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PSEO: 10th Grade Career and Technical Students

We’re glad you plan to attend Anoka-Ramsey! As a Postsecondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) student, you’ll find we offer many services to help you succeed.

Please consider attending a PSEO Information Session to learn more.

Below are the steps to become a sophomore PSEO student.

Special Requirements for 10th Grade PSEO

PSEO students in 10th grade will be allowed to register for ONE CTE (Career and Technical Education) course during their first semester. If they are successful (C or higher) in their first course, they can register for more in their second semester. Not all Anoka-Ramsey CTE courses are open for 10th grade PSEO students. Please see the full list of eligible courses in the Eligible Career and Technical Course section below.

  • Apply online for admission to the college. There is no cost to apply.

    Once you have applied online, the following items are needed to complete your application:

    • Complete the PSEO Notice of Student Registration Form. Your high school counselor or administrator is required to sign this form. The current PSEO Notice of Student Registration form (located in the Forms section on the right menu), allows for typed signatures and can be completed electronically.
    • Submit your High School transcript.
      • If you are a public school student and your transcript doesn’t include your 8th grade MCA reading score, showing a score of Meets or Exceeds, then you must also submit a score report with your 8th grade score.
      • Students that do not have a 8th grade MCA score can take the Accuplacer to meet the eligibility requirements. In order to get set up with the Accuplacer, please apply online first then reach out to PSEO@anokaramsey. Our PSEO team will send you a link to register for an Accuplacer test. Students are not able to schedule the Accuplacer without a referral from our team.

    Email all documents to:

    We are unable to take photographs of documentation but can accept scans and PDFs of transcripts and PSEO Notice of Student Registration forms.

    Or, mail all documents to:

    Anoka-Ramsey Community College
    ATT: PSEO Admissions
    300 Spirit River Dr S
    Cambridge, MN 55008

    Watch your email for your Acceptance information! We will only email the address that you used to create your StarID and apply to Anoka-Ramsey. Students will not be accepted until all paperwork listed above has been submitted.

  • Assessment and placement are required for all students to assess skill levels in reading, English composition, and mathematics. Information including academic history and test scores (any available ACT, SAT, MCA, AP, and Accuplacer scores) are used to determine appropriate course placement to promote student success in college. Students will be notified of their Course Placement after their admission to the program. If the college was unable to determine a student’s course placement with available information, we will follow up on options to take an Accuplacer assessment or submit additional information.

    Learn More about Course Placement.

  • Once you have received your Course Placement information, you’ll be provided a link to sign up for an Online Orientation.

    Within a few days of completing the PSEO Online Orientation, you’ll be contacted by your academic advisor via email and will be provided their appointment link. Use this link to schedule a registration appointment with your academic advisor. During this appointment, you’ll be able to discuss and plan your courses based on your high school requirements, major, and transfer plans. Anytime after or during this appointment, you can register for courses.

    Please note – your Academic Advisor will not know your high school graduation requirements. It is your responsibility to connect with your high school counselor, dean, or parent if homeschooled prior to your meeting with your Academic Advisor. 

  • Anoka-Ramsey Community College follows the PSEO admission guidelines set forth by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU):

    • High School Sophomores: Must pass 8th grade MN Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) Reading at the composite proficiency level of Meets or Exceeds, or equivalent assessment, and meet the prerequisites of the CTE course they wish to enroll in. Students who do not have an MCA score can use the Accuplacer Reading assessment and must place into college level reading.
  • Parents and guardians play an important role in the success of PSEO students that enroll with Anoka-Ramsey. Students rely on parent/guardian support, encouragement, and advice as they navigate college for the first time.

    When students start an academic record with Anoka-Ramsey, the rights to their education records transfer to the student, regardless of age. That means that parents will not have access to any Anoka-Ramsey records for their student, even if they are under 18. Anoka-Ramsey is bound by FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MGDPA). These are federal and state laws that provide for the disclosure and privacy of student educational records.

    We've created a How to Support PSEO Students document to help guide students and parents. It includes details on what FERPA is and how it applies to PSEO students, along with helpful tips, suggestions, and resources for parents/guardians of PSEO students.

    How to Support PSEO Students 

  • Your books will typically be available for Pick-up roughly two weeks before the start of the semester. PSEO students are provided books for the semester but must return them within one week after the end of the semester. Students that do not return their books may be charged for the cost of the unreturned textbook(s).

    Students can search their books and view book pick-up options from Anoka-Ramsey's Bookstore.



    BUS 1101 – Intro to Business
    BUS 1103 – Human Relations in the Workplace
    BUS 1104 – Written Business Communications
    BUS 1112 – Computer Concepts and Applications
    BUS 1122 – Business Ethics and Social Issues
    BUS 2142 – Principles of Marketing
    BUS 2215 – Legal Environment of Business


    HCCC 1000 – Intro to Healthcare Careers
    HPER 1102 – Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
    HPER 1103 – First Aid and CPR
    HPER 1112 – Nutrition
    HPER 1115 – Stress Management
    HPER 2205 – Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
    HPER 2230 – Intro to Sports Management
    IHH 1100 – Intro to Integrative Health and Healing
    IHH 2106 – Intro to Qigong (IHH 1000 recommended before enrolling in 2106)

    Information Technology

    CNET 1100 – Introduction to Information Technology
    CSCI 1101 – Intro to Computer Science and Problem Solving (requires placement into course through Math Accuplacer test)


    BMED 1100 – Intro to Biomedical Devices and Industry
    BMED 2100 – Design and Manufacturing in the Medical Device Industry (BMED 1100 recommended before enrolling in 2100)
    ENGR 1100 – Introduction to Engineering

  • Once students are admitted to Anoka-Ramsey and enroll in courses, they do not have to reapply every semester. Students are responsible for submitting an updated PSEO Notice of Student Registration form each semester, before their registration hold is lifted. Students can submit their completed form online using this Returning PSEO Student NOSR Submission eForm. Sections 1 and 2 must be completed prior to uploading the form via the above link. Students will be notified once their registration hold is lifted, via email.

    It is recommended that PSEO students meet with their assigned academic advisor each semester.

    Readmission after a break:

    If a PSEO student takes a semester off (not including summer) and would like to return to Anoka-Ramsey, they must work with the PSEO admissions office and submit new application materials (PSEO Notice of Student Registration form and high school transcript) to verify that they still meet the eligibility criteria.

  • High school students who are not eligible for the PSEO program, or are interested in taking a class over the summer when PSEO funding is not available, may be permitted to enroll in courses outside of the PSEO program, as a Special High School Student. Students would be responsible for payment of tuition, fees, and books.

    Summer option for admitted PSEO or Concurrent Enrollment students

    Complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement and submit it to

    The PSEO office will process the form and provide information on next steps to students.

    Special High School Admissions process:

    For students who are not admitted to either the PSEO or Concurrent Enrollment program and would like to take courses in any term:

    • Submit Online Anoka-Ramsey application as a general student (not PSEO)
    • Submit the following documentation to the PSEO office

    Email or mail paperwork to:


    Anoka-Ramsey Community College
    Attn: Admissions
    300 Spirit River Dr S
    Cambridge, MN 55008

    Applicants will be notified of their acceptance and next steps by email.


Supplementary Information

  • Application & Documentation Deadlines

    • Fall Semester: Early/Priority
      April 15
    • Fall Semester: Final
      July 01
    • Spring Semester
      December 01
  • Fall Semester Application and Documentation Window

    February 1st - July 1st. Priority application and documentation date is April 15th. Final application and documentation deadline is July 1st.

  • Spring Semester Application and Documentation Window

    October 1st - December 1st. Final application and documentation deadline is December 1st.

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