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Course Placement

Course Placement at Anoka-Ramsey

Assessment and placement are required for all students to assess skill levels in reading, English composition and mathematics. Information including academic history and test scores are used to determine appropriate course placement to promote student success in college.

To view your placement level, log into eServices, then select Courses & Registration, and then Course Placement.

If you do not have a valid placement level in eServices or would like to have your placement reevaluated, please complete the Course Placement Evaluation Request.

Note: this form is also used if you are seeking an appeal or placement review.


  • The following can be used to determine course placement:

    • Valid High School GPA - within the last 10 years
    • High School transcript - within the last 10 years
    • Scores from ACT, SAT, MN Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) - within the last 5 years. Advance Placement (AP) results
    • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
    • Completion of college-level coursework from an accredited college or university
    • GED scores

    Course Placement Guide 

    If you are unable to provide this information or if you have questions, please contact:

    Dianne Peterson, Testing Advisor


  • The Accuplacer is a placement test that assesses skill levels in reading/English composition and math. Test results are used to determine the appropriate course placement to promote student success in college. Once completed, Accuplacer scores will be stored as part of your educational record. Math test scores are valid for two years and English/reading scores are valid for five years. *Please note: Course Placement Evaluation Request must be completed prior to scheduling of an Accuplacer.

    To schedule an Accuplacer test, please contact:

    1. Resources to Prepare for Accuplacer Test

      1. ENGLISH/READING - The English/reading portion of the placement test consists of multiple-choice questions that assess four content areas: Information and Ideas, Rhetoric, Synthesis and Vocabulary.


      2. MATH - This is an adaptive test which means the computer will automatically decide the next question to give you based on your responses to previous questions. The test begins with questions in Intermediate Algebra (Algebra II). Pending your paerformance, you may move on to the Arithmetic Test (percents, operations with integers, fractions, decimals and basic word problems) or the Advanced Algebraic Functions (Algebra II, trigonometry, probability and statistics, geometry and precalculus). Each section has 20 questions.


      3. TUTORING RESOURCES – ARCC provides free ACCUPLACER prep tutoring for prospective students. Students can make tutoring appointments for in-person or online help. Students can also get in-person help during drop-in hours. To see center hours, tutor availability or schedule an appointment, students can sign in to TracCloud on our website: --> TracCloud. There you will find videos and written directions on how to use TracCloud. or 763-433-1260

    2. Test Day

      1. There is no fee to take the initial assessment test
      2. Bring your student ID number and a picture ID.
      3. The test is untimed however you should plan to finish the exam in one sitting. Allow 2 – 3 hours to take both portions of the exam.
      4. Calculators are not allowed.
      5. Scratch paper is provided.
      6. All personal belongings will be stored in a locker.
      7. No food or beverages are allowed into the testing center.
      8. Children are not allowed in the testing center.

    3. Retesting

      1. There is a $10 retest fee for each retest session.
      2. Students may retest twice within 12 months of the first testing date, regardless of where the test was administered. Contact the testing center with any questions about retesting:

    4. Understand Your Results

      1. Course Placement Guide
      2. English Language Learner (ELL) Pathway: Accuplacer Interpretation (PDF) 
      3. Math Pathways (PDF)
        Your Accuplacer score determines your math starting point.

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