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Registration for Current Students

If you are a new student, please proceed to Orientation & Registration first. You must attend an orientation session prior to registering for classes.

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On or after Oct.29 Returning students with 30+ earned credits, Veterans/FTA/PTA/ACCS/ TRIO students
On or after Oct. 30 Returning students with 15+ earned credits
On or after Oct. 31 Currently enrolled students with 0 earned credits or recently admitted students who have completed placement testing and orientation
On or after Nov. 1 PSEO students-first semester PSEO students must register with Advisor assistance during their orientation session; after their first semester, PSEO students can register online after turning in the PSEO State Form
On or after Nov. 2 Open registration
  • Students without a suspension hold or a balance due hold on their record may add, drop or withdraw online. If you have a hold on your record or if you do not have online access, you may add, drop or withdraw in person at either campus.

    Add a Course

    You may add a course through the fifth business day of the term or before the course starts, whichever is later.

    Drop a Course

    You may drop a course through the fifth business day of the term or before the course starts, whichever is later. Dropped courses do not appear on your transcript and do not impact academic standing. If you drop a course, you receive a full refund of tuition and fees.

    Withdraw from a Course

    You may withdraw from a course after the fifth business day and through approximately 80% of the term (short courses that are held for less than the full semester have an adjusted schedule). Withdrawal courses appear on your transcript as a “W” and have a direct impact on your academic standing.

    Withdraw grades may subject you to academic probation or suspension. Refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for more information. Withdraw grades may subject you to financial aid repayment. Refer to the Refund Policy for more information.

    NOTICE: The college does not assign a grade of "W" if you stop attending, but do not officially withdraw. It is your responsibility to officially withdraw from a course you are no longer attending. If you do not withdraw from a course you are not attending, you will most likely receive an "F" in the course.

    Withdrawing from a course affects a student’s academic standing. It is advised that students meet with their academic advisor to see how withdrawing from a course will affect their academic standing.

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