Legislative Budget Request

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Legislative Budget Request

2018 Capital Request and Supplemental Budget

Capital Budget Request

Minnesota State is requesting $130 million for Asset Preservation; $94.5 million for Bonding Projects (#MinnStatePriority1)

  • In June 2017, the Board of Trustees adopted the FY2018 Capital Program Recommendation that called for $130 million in asset preservation and $94.5 million in projects.
  • Asset Preservation (HEAPR) is the #1 priority for our capital request. This is the first capital program in our history in which the Asset Preservation request has been larger than the projects request.
  • This request includes funds for every college and university for repair and replacement of roofs and exterior building envelopes, plumbing and electrical systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and corrects life safety and code matters.

Supplemental Budget Request

Minnesota State is requesting $10 million for FY2019 campus support

  • The $10 million campus support request assists campuses to meet student and community needs.
  • Student success is critical to meeting the need for talent and reducing economic and racial disparities.
  • Our colleges and universities provide the talent Minnesota needs and are critical to the success of the state’s regional and local economies.
  • Our colleges and universities are focused on strategies for improving student success, reducing educational disparities, deepening collaboration, and honoring the unique contributions of each college and university.
  • Improving student success is central to the financial health of our colleges and universities.
  • Across our colleges and universities we continue to improve the efficiency by which we manage curriculum and academic programs while protecting student choice and program specialization.

Minnesota State is requesting $21 million for Student Record System Update (replacing ISRS with NextGen)

  • The $21 million would fund NextGen, which would serve as the central technology system for the 37 Minnesota State colleges and universities.
  • ISRS is our student record system that was originally developed in the 1990’s to meet the HR, accounting, and student records needs of the newly formed system of state colleges and universities.
  • Through the years, ISRS has grown considerably and critical updates have been added, but it retains much of its 1990’s technology architecture. Today, ISRS has 32 integrated modules developed using a combination of five programming languages. It is used by nearly 400,000 people including every member of our faculty and staff and all of our students.

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