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Transfer from Anoka-Ramsey

As a community college, Anoka-Ramsey awards associate degrees: Associate of Arts (AA) degrees, Associate of Science (AS) degrees, Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) degrees, and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees. AA, AS, and AFA degrees are specifically designed to transfer into a bachelor’s degree at a college or university.

Preparing to transfer can sometimes be an overwhelming and complicated process, but there are lots of tools available to help you plan ahead. Always remember it is never too early to plan for transfer! Lack of planning can lead to credits not transferring, excess credits, and a delay in bachelor’s degree completion. Please remember that the college/university where you transfer will determine which credits will transfer and if they meet requirements for specific degrees or majors.

In addition to the tools below, it is always recommended to schedule a transfer planning appointment with your assigned Academic Advisor.


    A transcript is a record of your academic history. Official transcripts are used for official credit evaluations. Unofficial Transcripts can sometimes be used to satisfy prerequisite requirements for certain courses.


    1. Go to e-Services Login home page.
    2. Login using your Star ID and Password.
    3. Click "Grades and Transcripts" on the left-hand side of page.
    4. Click "Academic Record" on the left-hand side of page.
    5. Choose format and click "Get Academic Record" ("Chronological" is the most common). Your transcript will take a few minutes to load.
    6. Click the PDF icon to get a copy of your unofficial transcript that you can save and print.


    Contact the receiving institution's records office to find out what their procedure is for receiving your transcript.

    About MnTC
    Effective November 5, 2009, if you have attended or are currently attending one or more Minnesota State institutions, your official transcripts can be electronically retrieved by all other Minnesota State institutions, including Anoka-Ramsey Community College. Please check the Minnesota State list for all colleges included. There is no charge for this service.


    National Student Clearinghouse


    Anoka-Ramsey Community College reserves the right to withhold your diploma and/or transcript until all money owed to the college for tuition, fees, and equipment has been paid.

  • Transferology
    Transferology is a tool that allows you to see how your courses transfer into other colleges and universities. Not all colleges and universities use Transferology, but many institutions across Minnesota and the United States use this tool. You can compare how your credits will transfer, and can also apply your credits to particular majors and programs for some institutions. Create a free account and then import any Minnesota State courses into the system electronically. If you have questions, see your assigned Academic Advisor.

    Transfer Guides
    Anoka-Ramsey’s Transfer Guides webpage has links to some of the most common transfer institutions amongst our students, along with links to transfer guides for their most popular majors. While it does not have links for all universities and programs, there are many available.

    College or University Catalogs/Bulletins
    Universities have online catalogs (or bulletins) that list each major’s degree requirements, admission criteria, graduation requirements, etc. The easiest way to find this information is to locate the university’s search engine and search for “catalog” or “bulletin”. Once in the catalog, you can see their major requirements and use Transferology, or another resource, to see which courses you can take with Anoka-Ramsey that will apply to your eventual bachelor’s degree program. See an example here. (Please note that these are subject to change, so it is important to cross-reference information.)

    Degree Maps
    Degree maps are often available on university websites. Degree maps lay out a four-year plan for a student to complete the bachelor’s degree in that specific major. Using a degree map, you can try to mimic the same plan at Anoka-Ramsey for the first two-years, so when you transfer to your university you will be right on track. See examples here. (Please note that these are subject to change, so it is important to cross-reference information.)

    Transfer Pathways
    Transfer Pathway degrees are associate degrees (AA, AS, AFA) designed to transfer into a corresponding bachelor’s degree program within the Minnesota State University System, which includes: Metropolitan State University, St. Cloud State University, Bemidji State University, Winona State University, Minnesota State University-Mankato, Minnesota State University-Moorhead, and Southwest Minnesota State University. You can complete a Transfer Pathway associate’s degree at Anoka-Ramsey, and then transfer into a Minnesota State University and only have 60 credits remaining to complete your bachelor’s degree. Students are still required to meet any university/major specific admission criteria.

    College/University Transfer Admission Advisor
    In order to ensure a smooth transfer process, you should connect with a college/university transfer admissions advisor/counselor/specialist. They can assist in answering any specific and detailed questions you may have about transferring and your eventual major, as well as prepare you for what is to come. Bachelor’s degree programs have additional requirements beyond associate’s degrees, so it is important to plan ahead with a contact at your eventual university. See examples here.

    • Should I complete my AS, AA, AFA, or Transfer Pathway degree, and/or MnTC before transferring?
      • Will the AA or MnTC complete my general education requirements at your college/university?
    • What courses should I take while at Anoka-Ramsey to prepare for my major, such as pre-requisite or introductory courses? (Specifically in the areas of math and science)
    • Do I need minimum grades in my courses in order for them to transfer and count for my major (such as a C or higher)?
    • Do I apply to the overall university, or do I apply to an individual College/School/major?
    • Do I need a minimum GPA to be admitted to the university and/or my major?
    • How many credits is my major?
      • Is there a language or minor requirement for my major?
    • Are there specific application cycles and deadlines? (Such as fall-only admittance)
    • What is your student-to-faculty ratio?
    • What would be the approximate cost of my program? (Tuition, fees, textbooks)
    • What scholarship opportunities are available for transfer students?
    • What housing options are available and/or is there an on-campus living requirement?
    • What research opportunities, volunteer and internship experiences, and/or study abroad options are available for my major?
  • Minnesota State

    • See program and degree options offered within the Minnesota State system

     College Scorecard

    • See varying degree options, and compare costs and success rates for universities across the United States

    Anoka-Ramsey Transfer Resources

    • See the transfer guides, transfer visits, transfer pathways, etc., all offered at Anoka-Ramsey


    • Create a free account to see how your courses transfer, and even apply them to a specific major for some institutions
  • Anoka-Ramsey brings the colleges and universities to you! Check the Transfer Events webpage for information about college and university visits as well as Anoka-Ramsey’s Transfer Week event held on both campuses every fall semester!

    It is never too early to start planning for transfer!

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