Legislative Budget Request

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Legislative Budget Request


$246 million in new funding over the biennium


Ensure the success of students by investing in essential enterprise-wide technology infrastructure and meet Minnesota’s talent needs by providing resources for high-quality, affordable, relevant academic programs.

$169 MILLION to provide high-quality programs and fund inflationary costs at three percent

By funding inflationary costs at 3% each year of the biennium, your investment will enable Minnesota State to:

  • Help meet Minnesota’s critical need for talent.
  • Reduce economic and racial disparities.
  • Improve student success (particularly for underrepresented students).
  • Protect access and affordability (funding for another two years of no undergraduate tuition increases).
  • Support the financial health of every campus.

$37 MILLION for critical technology replacement (ISRS Next Generation)

Replace the 20-year-old outdated ISRS data system with a more cost effective tool to ensure:

  • A mobile-friendly user experience for our students, faculty, and staff—enhancing our ability for analytics, reporting, and most importantly, monitoring and promoting student success. Our current 20-year-old system cannot be updated to meet these expectations.
  • Efficiencies in cost and operation and reduction in risk, such as system failure during registration, financial aid disbursement, or other key operations.
  • A more secure (cloud-based), agile, essential enterprise-wide technology infrastructure that is used daily by 400,000 people including every member of our faculty and staff, and all of our students—from prospect to enrollee.
  • Our ability to process the more than 100,000 financial transactions that occur each business day, as well as the more than one million student logins that take place at the start of each semester.


Strengthen access through tuition strategies and address the workforce opportunity gap through investments in career, technical, and professional workforce development.

$25 MILLION for two new grant programs

Targeted financial support to strengthen access and help our students advance and succeed, especially diverse student groups:

  • Minnesota State College Program: For new and continuing college students. Designed to support students with the greatest financial need; improving retention and completion for students in certificate, diploma, and degree programs.
  • Minnesota University Transfer Grant Program: Encourages transfer from our colleges to our universities. Encourages progression from AA to BA/BS or diploma to degree. Supports students at all income levels.

$15 MILLION to address the workforce gap

  • Addresses the workforce gap through innovative career, technical, and professional programming serving business and industry.
  • Expands career technical education and professional programming in sectors with high employment growth and demand in sustainable wage occupations.
  • Strengthens and expands the K–12 career and technical pipeline and grows K–12 collaborative programming.
  • Strengthens and expands opportunities for adult and incumbent workers.
  • Develops new teacher education pathways in career technical education in support of K–12 and higher education programming.

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