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Student Success Stories

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  • Meet Aaron Becker
    Aaron Becker
    AFA Art

    "I love the Art program at Anoka-Ramsey, and they have the best staff. The faculty make you feel good about the path you’re taking, and the college has scholarship programs to help out financially."

  • Meet Aida Mitiku
    Aida Mitiku
    AS Engineering

    "Anoka-Ramsey provides its student with the best instructors that are willing to help and guide you through your college life."

  • Meet Amanda Morgensen
    Amanda Morgensen

    "Anoka-Ramsey offers low tuition costs and a positive environment from both peers and professors. It is a great place to start courses for a career. Everywhere you look, there is someone willing to help you with your studies."

  • Meet Amanda Romeo
    Amanda Romeo
    AA & Business

    "Business is one of the best programs Anoka-Ramsey Community College has to offer, and it is also possible to receive your bachelor's degree on campus through its partnership with universities in the area. TRIO SSS jump started my academic career and ensured I got the most out of my time at Anoka-Ramsey. As a first-generation, non-traditional student, I was unsure of the logistics to obtaining a degree and frightened of the uncertainty. My TRIO SSS Advisor helped answer all of my questions, ensured I was taking the correct courses for my degree, made me aware of opportunities available on- and off-campus and aided in building my confidence. I will forever be grateful to the dedication my TRIO SSS Advisor has given me and the growth I have gained in the process."

  • Meet Amy Anderson
    Amy Anderson
    Marketing & Management

    "In the Business program I learned so much more than just the skills that employers are looking for. I learned the ability to exceed employers’ expectations as well as your own!"

  • Meet Andrew Pomeroy
    Andrew Pomeroy
    Generals & Transfer

    “An education allows you to capture your dreams and reach your goals in life.”

  • Meet Angela Demling
    Angela Demling
    AS Business

    "The Business program is engaging and the curriculum covers an extensive range of material relative to what I think one may encounter in the professional world. There are also many organizations, clubs, and other extracurricular activities that can enrich what is taught in the classroom. Anoka-Ramsey has such an incredibly strong and extensive network of support available to all students. There are many compassionate and empathetic individuals from virtually all walks of life (students and administration alike), and there’s a genuine familial quality to the relationships that are often forged here."

  • Meet Angela Kealey
    Angela Kealey
    Associate in Arts

    "Deciding to attend Anoka-Ramsey was one of the best decisions I ever made. I received my two-year degree with the lowest tuition in Minnesota and with a very flexible class schedule. I also gained hands-on experience through Phi Theta Kappa, which has strengthened my academic studies."

  • Meet Anna Pescola
    Anna Pescola
    Environmental Science

    "The approachable faculty is the main contributor to my success as a student. I took mostly STEM core classes where the classes were small, but the content could get pretty heavy. Every professor I had made me feel comfortable visiting their office to get help."

  • Meet Arie Perry
    Arie Perry
    AFA Fine Arts

    "Even though I wasn’t sure of the best degree for me, I am glad I choose the AFA in Arts degree! Anoka-Ramsey offers one of the best programs in the Minnesota."

  • Meet Ashley Racutt
    Ashley Racutt
    Nursing (MANE)

    "Anoka-Ramsey is extremely student-oriented. The faculty and staff set students up for success. The Nursing program challenged me without overwhelming me."

  • Meet Behram Radmanesh
    Behram Radmanesh
    Associate in Arts

    "Anoka-Ramsey was affordable, had good resources and excellent professors. Be sure to make use of the tutoring center!"

  • Meet Ben Kelly
    Ben Kelly

    "I chose Anoka-Ramsey because I knew a lot of people who attended and they all turned out to be very talented and professional musicians and they all recommended Anoka-Ramsey. The faculty all really enjoy their jobs and have been some of the most supportive people in my life."

  • Meet Bridgette Gergen
    Bridgette Gergen

    "Anoka-Ramsey was close to home, and inexpensive. Just what I needed in a college. Plus, there were great instructors who really do love music as much as I do. I used Advising when first enrolling at Anoka-Ramsey, and it made the enrolling process much less complicated and overwhelming."

  • Meet Bruce Saylor
    Bruce Saylor
    Associate of Science in Business

    "The skills and knowledge I learned in the Anoka-Ramsey Business program can be used across many different type of organizations."

  • Meet Bukola Oriola
    Bukola Oriola
    Associate in Arts

    "The advisors and counselors were very useful to me. The Tutoring Center was also a tremendous help. As a tutor at the Cambridge Campus, I enjoyed the warmth and support of the center as I helped other students to succeed in their writing."

  • Meet Cassandra Bauer
    Cassandra Bauer
    AA & Business

    "Anyone of any age wanting to go to college to pursue a degree or general education can come to Anoka-Ramsey and expect a great education and a great time. When you apply for a scholarship, you will likely get one. I received two scholarships my freshman year: The Otto Bremer Scholarship for $1,500 and the Presidential Scholarship for $3,000."

  • Meet Chantharang Phouapradit
    Chantharang Phouapradit

    "Anoka-Ramsey has great services that helped me be successful in college. The staff and advisors were really helpful in getting me pointed in the right direction."

  • Meet Chris Jopp
    Chris Jopp

    "Anoka-Ramsey is a great stepping stone to a four-year degree. You will spend a lot of hours at school making things that you might not understand at the time, and in the process you will develop a weird family-like bond with a strange cast of characters that you will fondly yearn for in the near future. You will love it."

  • Meet Cody Laberda
    Cody Laberda
    Associate in Arts

    "AR was a great place to start for me. They offered great art classes, which was something I was seriously considering after high school. Also, the year I started was the first year they formed a men’s collegiate soccer team/program, so I tried out and made the team. Anoka-Ramsey offers opportunity; opportunity with the best-looking community college and location in the state. My experience in the Multicultural Club was awesome. There were so many students I met from all over the world. It was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the club as well as the many field trips we took including the one at the convention center, Festival of Nations."

  • Meet Dennis Gilbert
    Dennis Gilbert
    Associate in Arts

    "From the first day of registration, the entire TRIO SSS staff has been helpful every step of the way. As an older college student, restarting my education involved a complex barrage of paperwork and requirements. Without my advisor, I’m not sure I could have done it. Her patience, dedication, enthusiasm and mastery of the higher education system has been the single biggest factor in my success. The energy and resources that the entire TRIO SSS staff has invested in me has made my college experience more than I could have ever imagined. I am forever grateful."

  • Meet Dillon Danforth
    Dillon Danforth
    AA & Undergraduate Research

    "The best aspects of Anoka-Ramsey were the small class sizes and the ability to connect with my instructors. This was a perk I did not fully realize until I attended the University of Minnesota. The highlight of my time at Anoka-Ramsey was working with my environmental sciences instructor and the undergraduate research project. As the result of that research, I traveled to Mesa, Arizona to attend a conference and share our research with students and faculty from various community colleges around the country."

  • Meet Donny LaQue
    Donny LaQue
    Creative Writing

    "Anoka-Ramsey has many great opportunities to explore your interests. When I enrolled, for example, two of my big interests were writing and theatre. I was able to take a wide range of writing classes, join the Creative Writing Club, and take part in editing the school's literary journal “The Rapids Review.” In theatre, I took several classes and acted in the school's production of “The Miser.” In each experience, I met like-minded students and knowledgeable, personable instructors who I now call friends."

  • Meet Ekko Blumer
    Ekko Blumer
    Physical Therapy Assistant

    "Anoka-Ramsey is incredibly affordable when compared to other schools And I am really surprised how overlooked this field [Physical Therapist Assistant] is. I think this is one of those careers that can be so multi-purpose and applied to so many different settings, whether you want to work in a hospital or with athletes or pediatrics."

  • Meet Elise Boyum
    Elise Boyum
    Associate in Arts

    "I loved each one of my instructors, regardless of the subject or class size. Their willingness to engage with students one-on-one, offer assistance, and promote success was extremely beneficial to me and contributed to my overall wonderful experience at Anoka-Ramsey. Overall, the personal connections that I made during my time at Anoka-Ramsey added greatly to my experience and education."

  • Meet Erin Lovik
    Erin Lovik
    Physical Therapy Assistant

    "The Anoka-Ramsey Physical Therapist Assistant program is amazing! The instructors are very knowledgeable and are always willing to help."

  • Meet Frances Beech
    Frances Beech
    Clinical Research Professional

    "If you already have a four-year degree in Nursing, or any of the sciences, and are interested in clinical research, Anoka-Ramsey is an affordable option for opening new career options. Because of the strong biomedical focus at the college, you will gain a lot more than just clinical knowledge."

  • Meet Garret Vensland
    Garret Vensland
    Associate in Arts

    “An education can have a profound and positive impact on people’s lives. I love helping people and working with youth. With the help of my education here, I can do both in the future.”

  • Meet Georgina Minwegen
    Georgina Minwegen

    "Anoka-Ramsey has a lot to offer; it has a great atmosphere, great teachers, and great prices! I love the one-on-one interaction between the teachers and the students. The individualized help that the teachers offer makes it easy to excel."

  • Meet Heather Jones
    Heather Jones
    Associate in Arts

    "I came to Anoka-Ramsey to figure out what I wanted to go into after going to a four-year university, and I realized where I thought I wanted to go wasn’t really what I wanted. I was able to find the foundation for an amazing career here at half the cost."

  • Meet Jake Oswell
    Jake Oswell
    Computer Networking

    "I enjoyed the relationships formed with teachers and other students at Anoka-Ramsey. Along with the cultural diversity, there was also age diversity. We were all in different places in our lives, and able to bring that experience into the classroom to help each other."

  • Meet Jamie Haddox
    Jamie Haddox
    Creative Writing

    "Having taken creative writing classes at Anoka- Ramsey, I can honestly say that talent alone isn’t enough, no matter how talented. There’s so much I didn’t know. I’ve also learned that part of writing is having a network. You’ll never meet half the people you should without going to school."

  • Meet Jared Waln
    Jared Waln

    "The whole music department at Anoka Ramsey is amazing! All the instructors are very helpful. Not only are they wonderful educators, but they have also been great mentors for me. They have pushed me, and helped me reach my potential further than I’ve expected."

  • Meet Javier Abrica
    Javier Abrica
    Associate in Arts

    "When I walked through the doors here, I knew this was the place to get started. I’ve enjoyed it here ever since. Being Hispanic I appreciate the diversity at Anoka-Ramsey. I have met people from all over the world. It’s fun to have them share their cultures with me, and to see they have the same interests as I do."

  • Meet Jeanne Wigant
    Jeanne Wigant
    Biological Science

    “Scholarships relieve some of the financial burden associated with getting a college degree, and at Anoka-Ramsey they can cover nearly a student’s entire tuition. Scholarships also reinforce a student’s belief in themselves, knowing that others identify [him/her] as a promising student, worthy of receiving the scholarship.”

  • Meet Jerry Nottingham
    Jerry Nottingham
    Associate in Arts

    "Location, price, helpful staff and opportunity for a better future, Anoka-Ramsey offers it all! Anoka-Ramsey is a great resource to someone who would like to enhance their future with a better education."

  • Meet Joshua Chase
    Joshua Chase
    Creative Writing

    "The teachers are, hands down, the best part of Anoka-Ramsey. I’ve always read a lot, but while at Anoka-Ramsey, I had teachers who gave me entirely new perspectives on the writers and works I was already interested in. I always knew I liked certain authors, but couldn’t really put my finger on why. After my time at Anoka-Ramsey, I had a much better understanding. I spent a lot of time in the advising office. Having transferred many of my credits from a community college in Nevada, I wasn’t really sure how to proceed in a new state with different graduation requirements."

  • Meet Joy Benson
    Joy Benson
    Clinical Research Professional

    "I enjoyed all of the classes and the instructors, but the Introduction class really piqued my interest about the biomedical industry. The instructors go above and beyond to make the material interesting and practical, and use field trips to medical device companies to provide a first-hand view of the environment that medical device professionals work in."

  • Meet Judah Porter
    Judah Porter
    AA & Chinese Language

    "Anoka-Ramsey has been a blessing in terms of teacher-student ratio. For example, in many other colleges, universities and institutions, a student just feels like one among the masses and there is not much individual help available when needed. Here, whenever a problem arises, me and other students can simply get the help we need."

  • Meet Katie Aiuppa
    Katie Aiuppa

    "I chose Anoka-Ramsey because it was close to home, has a GREAT music program, and it is much cheaper than a four year school that I can just transfer to when I finish my first two years of college."

  • Meet Kayshree Jagannath
    Kayshree Jagannath

    "Anoka-Ramsey has a friendly environment of people and the staff is so friendly. There are a wide variety of program courses to choose from, and its courses are part of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)."

  • Meet Kirsten Kennedy
    Kirsten Kennedy
    Associate in Arts

    "It was so reassuring to know that if I have a question or need help, resources and counseling were always accessible. There were opportunities to participate in clubs and senate for every student. Most important to me was the access and ability to communicate with my instructors when I needed extra help or had a scheduling conflict."

  • Meet LaShaunda Newsom
    LaShaunda Newsom
    Biological Science

    "Anoka-Ramsey has so many resources and the instructors are very helpful. The majority of my instructors were great but the one that sticks out the most is Jennifer Braido. She’s awesome and helpful."

  • Meet Laurél Kimpton
    Laurél Kimpton
    Integrative Health & Healing

    "Anoka-Ramsey has the only associate in science degree program in Integrative Health and Healing in Minnesota. With both certificate and an associate in science degree option, the Integrative program allows for initial exposure to this emerging medical field and articulation agreements that allow you to continue your studies. This innovative program can give a marketable edge to students studying in fields such as nursing/hospice care, pre-med, pharmacy tech, business, social work/mental health, and more!"

  • Meet Marty Marchio
    Marty Marchio
    Environmental Science

    "Logistics made Anoka-Ramsey more feasible for me to attend, and I am so happy it worked out that way. The Environmental Science program was more in-depth and challenging than I imagined it would be."

  • Meet Matthew Dion
    Matthew Dion
    Computer Science & Pre Engineering

    "Anoka-Ramsey has so much to offer: cheaper tuition than the University Of Minnesota; computer science and engineering courses; amazing teachers and great clubs such as the Physics and Engineering Club and the Computer Science Club."

  • Meet Matthew Gilbertson
    Matthew Gilbertson

    "My education at Anoka-Ramsey created a foundation to transfer and complete my degree in Theatre. I truly believe that both the skilled faculty and my desire to challenge myself is what set me up to succeed at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I feel very prepared for the adventures ahead of me."

  • Meet Mei Luu
    Mei Luu
    Generals & Transfer

    "My TRIO SSS advisor always gave me professional assistance and personal encouragement throughout the years. I still feel a welcoming atmosphere every time I visit the TRIO SSS office. When I was a student at Anoka-Ramsey, my advisor helped me create my study plan so I could achieve my bachelor’s degree efficiently. I am very thankful for all their help, support and services. TRIO SSS is a valuable program that we have on-campus."

  • Meet Nancy Hagen
    Nancy Hagen
    Biomedical Technician

    "Knowledge via a good education makes a person better able to understand and care for others. I want to be a better person and live a fuller life as an educated person. That’s why I chose Anoka-Ramsey. It provides a great education at very good value."

  • Meet Natasha Kolbe
    Natasha Kolbe
    Associate in Arts

    "The Cambridge Campus is not just a school, it’s a community. I got to know people of all ages from all walks of life. The facilities are nice, things are always clean and maintained, and there is always plenty of parking. EVERYONE (instructors, advisors, staff, faculty, and peers) all want you to succeed and will help in any way they can. I was intimidated to go back to college at 24. I thought everyone would be teenagers, and that I would be the only non-traditional student. Cambridge is a small campus. That really helped with my anxieties about returning to school."

  • Meet Nathan Morris
    Nathan Morris

    "Without a degree from Anoka-Ramsey I would not have had a career. While in school I met individuals in the industry. With hard work in class I was noticed and offered a job in the industry. Since then it has been history. I have moved on from my first job and now run a division. I have a stable income even in this economy."

  • Meet Neal Skoy
    Neal Skoy
    AFA Theatre

    "The student counselors and academic advisors were a great resource for me. They were a fantastic help in figuring out the standard college confusions. I recommend taking advantage of those wonderful people. This college is a gem. The environment, when taken full advantage of, is a remarkable place to learn. It’s close to home and you can’t beat the tuition. If allowed, this place grows on you! I enjoyed a lot of GREAT instructors at Anoka-Ramsey. Every subject was led with friendly wisdom and approachable guidance. A school is defined by its instructors and these people are absolutely fantastic. The Theater program at Anoka Ramsey is solid. The shows are great. The experiences are unforgettable. The hands are more than capable for giving you the experience you need. You can’t go wrong. I am a bit biased toward the Theater Department. The Theatre instructors are personable, full of passion, and genuinely smart theater people. Also, the Music Department is underrated –no matter how much credit is given to them."

  • Meet Nick Ferraro
    Nick Ferraro
    Associate in Arts

    “I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life until I started taking Journalism classes at Anoka-Ramsey and writing for the school paper. The school’s slogan at the time was, “Anoka-Ramsey: It’s a Great Place to Start.” I still truly believe that. I excelled in the Journalism and English classes and that gave me the confidence to stay in school and on the right path. Without the start I received Anoka-Ramsey, I probably would not have finished college. And, with the job market the way it is, a college degree is more important than ever."

  • Meet Pablo Samaniego
    Pablo Samaniego
    Associate in Arts

    "I chose Anoka-Ramsey for three reasons: Affordability, transferability and location. It is the most affordable tuition in the state, and one of the lowest in the country. I want to transfer to the University of Minnesota’s Bio-chemical program, and my courses will transfer. And it is located on the Mississippi. The best things about Anoka-Ramsey, though, are the great resources-the Academic Support Center, the Advising Center, the Counseling Center have nice staff committed to your success."

  • Meet Phill Goldman
    Phill Goldman
    Device Manufacturing

    "Applying to Anoka-Ramsey’s program added credibility to my applications to medical device companies; the skills learned in the BMED program helped to contribute to my new employer almost immediately. I don’t think I would have enjoyed that success without the program."

  • Meet Shannon Glenn
    Shannon Glenn

    “Education shapes the future. It is important for everyone to get an education so we have an educated workforce.”

  • Meet Sydney Sand
    Sydney Sand
    Associate in Arts

    “Anoka-Ramsey helped me to feel that I was not alone with my educational goals. The advisors ensure that you get an answer to every question. If you need any help, there are many places to find it.”

  • Meet Tacita Gonzalez
    Tacita Gonzalez
    Generals & Transfer

    “An education is one of the best choices a person can make. For me, my education has benefited me financially, academically and socially.”

  • Meet Talia Fluth
    Talia Fluth
    Associate in Arts

    "Anoka-Ramsey is accessible. I can accomplish the credits needed for transfer, schedule an appointment with my advisor not having to wait more than a day usually, access tutoring services and teachers all at the Cambridge Campus, which is convenient and close by. I have used advising which is great when I am looking for options in my class scheduling and assistance in transferring credits from another educational facility. I have also used tutoring which is a great resource when I feel like I am struggling with a particular area of a subject. As long as you are willing to put forth the effort for your education, the resources to help you continue in your education are always available at Anoka-Ramsey."

  • Meet Thanh Ngo
    Thanh Ngo
    Associate in Arts

    "My education will allow me to live a better life, and to set an example for my children."

  • Meet Victorine Forcha
    Victorine Forcha
    Generals & Transfer

    "If anyone is looking for a college with affordable tuition, flexibility and guaranteed success, Anoka-Ramsey is definitely the college of choice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anoka-Ramsey to anyone, especially to non-traditional students like myself. Though I am only completing my generals at Anoka-Ramsey, I feel very fortunate that it offers all the prerequisite courses I needed for admission into pharmacy school at the University of Minnesota."

  • Meet Vitaliy Baranyuk
    Vitaliy Baranyuk
    Associate in Arts

    "Faculty at Anoka-Ramsey are very knowledgeable about their subject matter, the class size usually does not exceed 30 people, which make learning much easier and less intimidating, and Anoka-Ramsey is also the most affordable schools in Minnesota."

  • Meet Yelizaveta Babashova
    Yelizaveta Babashova
    AA Communication Studies Emphasis

    "One thing I want people to know about Anoka-Ramsey is that just because it’s a community college, doesn’t mean that you’re getting any less of an education than you would at a big university. The professors are wonderful and classes are challenging. You really feel like you’re getting an education that’s worthwhile."

  • Meet Melody L. Hoffmann
    Melody L. Hoffmann
    Communication Studies

    Dr. Hoffman’s students have deep discussions about current events and issues, sharing experiences, disagreeing – and learning from others’ viewpoints. She challenges students to question conventional ideas and to create their own media. She has a sarcastic wit and makes a mean batch of vegan cookies.

  • Meet Jim Biederman
    Jim Biederman

    Travel person who loves cats and collects tatts. He also enjoys introducing students to the world of psychology.

  • Meet Amanda Polipnick
    Amanda Polipnick
    Biological Science

    "The staff at Anoka-Ramsey is friendly, no matter what question you might have, there is always someone to either answer it or guide you to someone who can give you the answer."

  • Meet Robert Walz
    Robert Walz

    "I attribute my success to outstanding instructors and my acceptance by regular students in my classes. If anything, I became a resource to them and a role model for life-long learning."

  • Meet Charles Larson
    Charles Larson
    Associate in Arts

    "Anoka-Ramsey is an outstanding place to learn and grow academically. It is the combination of small class sizes, friendly faculty and affordable tuition that sets it apart from other colleges."

  • Meet Clayton J. DeVries
    Clayton J. DeVries
    Associate in Arts

    "The instructors for the Math and Science Department are amazing! Anyone pursing an Engineering degree should consider ARCC for completing their general coursework. The best instructors I had have been Andy Aspaas, Bruce Bordwell and Dan Heinks. "

  • Meet Hans Boyum
    Hans Boyum
    Associate in Arts

    "I think that Anoka Ramsey is a great college for anyone looking to start a college education."

  • Meet Justin Hand
    Justin Hand

    "I feel the best aspects of Anoka-Ramsey Community College is just that. The campus has a community feel. It is a place where I have made friends, where I can work on homework, just hang out and simply better myself. It has opened doors for me to further my education, to better myself and it has pushed me into new avenues I normally would not have gone down."

  • Meet Patrick Clark
    Patrick Clark
    Associate in Arts

    "I really enjoyed the small class sizes. Many of the students were hardworking and willing to help each other out, which was so beneficial."

  • Meet Rose Kelzenberg
    Rose Kelzenberg
    Associate in Arts

    "Anoka Ramsey offers a great variety of programs and the teachers are fantastic and always willing to help. What made me originally want to attend Anoka Ramsey is the PSEO program which is the best thing available to high school juniors and seniors!"

  • Meet Brandon Osero
    Brandon Osero
    AFA in Theatre

    "The Theatre Department offers a warm, welcoming environment. The instructors provide fantastic feedback to their students. There are also wonderful opportunities for all students to be involved in theatre whether it is onstage, backstage, directing or participating in classroom activities."

  • Meet Courtney VonVett
    Courtney VonVett
    AFA in Theatre

    "The sense of community among the students and faculty. If one of my instructors is having a rough day or has to cancel a class due to an emergency, I know there are a number of students who will go out of their way to email that teacher and make sure things are okay. The instructors will do the exact same thing for the students."

  • Meet Jeffrey R. Herrala
    Jeffrey R. Herrala
    Associate in Arts

    "I attended Anoka-Ramsey for a multitude of reasons, however, the most important of which were to: enroll in intellectually challenging courses that were not offered by my high school, prepare for success at my four-year institution and save money!"

  • Meet Michael Baker
    Michael Baker
    AA & AS in Computer Science

    "Classes here are great. Teachers truly care about students and smaller class sizes allow for more interaction with students. It’s so far from the lecture hall everyone envisions when they think of college. I feel like I actually learn and better myself while attending Anoka-Ramsey."

  • Meet Saeed Saeed
    Saeed Saeed
    AS in Nursing

    "Student support services and programs are great at Anoka-Ramsey. You can always find an answer to your question, and everyone is very friendly."

  • Meet Emily Johnson
    Emily Johnson
    Generals to Transfer

    "Everyone here is so welcoming that you feel like you really belong when attending. Anoka-Ramsey is a great school with affordable tuition and you definitely get what you pay for as long as you, yourself, make it great too!"

  • Meet Mikhail Morrison
    Mikhail Morrison
    Exercise Science

    The instructors who teach in the Exercise Science program are the best. They make the learning experience fun and simple to understand, and they're always available to help, even if it is not directly related to the program.

  • Meet Lance Leach
    Lance Leach
    Exercise Science

    One of my highlights at Anoka-Ramsey was finishing with a 3.75 GPA. I was a good student in high school, but never came anywhere near this GPA.