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Student Publications

student publications

The Rapids Review (Coon Rapids Campus) literary and arts magazine is published by the members of the Creative Writing Club.

All students (from Cambridge and Coon Rapids Campuses) interested in writing poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction or in creating artwork are encouraged to submit work to The Rapids Review."

The Spirit River Review literary and arts magazine is on pause at this time.

Student Newspaper

The Campus Eye - Student-run newspaper

The student-run newspapers provide students with an opportunity to gain experience and proficiency in journalism, photography, editing and design. Join the staff and earn elective credit. Contact faculty member Dr. Keith Bistodeau for details.

  • The Spirit River Review is currently on hiatus. Cambridge students are encouraged to submit their work to the Rapids Review (see submission guidelines on the Rapids Review drop-down menu below).

    The Spirit River Review publishes submissions of original works of visual art, poetry, fiction, drama, and creative non-fiction from all Cambridge Campus students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The publication is generally open for submissions in February and March.

    For more information, contact Cambridge Campus English Faculty member, Bill Breen.

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  • The Spirit River Review is currently on hiatus. The Rapids Review is accepting submissions from Cambridge and Coon Rapids. 

  • The Rapids Review is the literary magazine of the Coon Rapids Campus, created and published by the Coon Rapids Creative Writing Club (CWC).

    For more information, contact the Coon Rapids Campus Creative Writing Club (CWC) Advisor Laurel Smith

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  • The Rapids Review

    The Creative Writing Club invites all currently enrolled Anoka-Ramsey Community College students from the Cambridge and Coon Rapids Campuses to submit creative work for publication consideration in the annual spring issue of our literary magazine, The Rapids Review.

    The Rapids Review is the combined campus student literary magazine. It is dedicated to publishing a wide range of excellently crafted work by student writers and artists of any age, gender, ethnicity, and demographic. We are an inclusive magazine that celebrates differences, variety, and diversity. The Rapids Review is seeking submissions of fiction, poetry, stage writing, screenwriting, creative nonfiction, photography, and visual art.

    Writers and artists may submit a total of five works/pieces (including artwork). (Poems in a series may be considered one piece if submitted as one file of 75-lines or less.)

    Submission Guidelines for Written Works
    • ALL written work must be double-spaced in Arial 12-point font.
    • ALL written work must be sent as an attached Microsoft Word document.
    • Fiction and creative nonfiction submissions should not exceed 2,500 words.
      • We do not accept news articles.
    • Poetry submissions should not exceed 75 lines. Poems should be single-spaced and left aligned (no centered poems). Exceptions will be made if there is an artistic reason for the poem’s formatting.
    • Stage writing and screenwriting submissions should not exceed 10 double-spaced pages of script.
    • If sources are used, they must be properly cited.
    Submission Guidelines for Visual Works
    • Visual artwork must be submitted as attached JPEG files.
    • We don’t currently have a file size limit, but we may ask for smaller-sized files if needed.
    • We welcome a variety of submissions (drawings, photos, paintings, etc.).
    • Artists can also submit photos of three-dimensional work they created, such as sculptures or glass items.
    • We seek eye-catching work, especially for our cover.
    Email submissions to and include
    • "RR Submission" as the subject line
    • The name of the writer/artist
    • Title of each work/piece (Each work/piece should be a separate attached file.)
    • Category of each work/piece (short story, play, painting, sculpture, etc.)
    • Writer or artist names as document headings (no page numbers required)

    March 15

    Important Notes
    • As a literary magazine, we favor literary and artistic work.
      • We tend not to prefer overly political pieces.
      • We lean toward pieces that move rather than shock.
      • We do not prefer blood, gore, needless violence, etc.
      • We tend to look for pieces that have something important to say or show about life.
    • We do not accept anonymous or “pen name” submissions.
    • All works/pieces submitted must be the work/piece of, and under the sole ownership of, the person or persons submitting such work/piece.
    • AI-generated art and writing is NOT permitted and will not be published in The Rapids Review. If your content is suspected to have used AI-generation of ANY KIND, it will not be accepted for publication.
    • The Editorial Board reserves the right to make final selection decisions. The Editorial Board also reserves the right to make formatting changes, such as line spacing and font, to create a cohesive magazine (if necessary).
    • This year’s magazine will not have a pre-determined theme. If a theme arises naturally from the accepted works, we may decide to add one.
    • By submitting your work, you give The Rapids Review permission to publish it in our magazine online and/or in a small print run (if applicable).

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