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Career Counseling

The process of career development can be exciting and intimidating. Like many worthwhile endeavors, the key is to take it one step at a time. Counselors will work with you through the career exploration process. Feel free to arrange an appointment at the Cambridge or Coon Rapids Campus. 

There is an option to register for two different Career Exploration Courses:

  • CAOR 1100 Career Exploration Workshop (1 Credit) focused on self-exploration and occupational research
  • CAOR 1102 Career Exploration (2 Credits) focused on self-exploration, occupational research and job search strategies.

Check out these other great career exploration resources:

  • Identify your:

    • Interests
    • Skills
    • Personality
    • Values
    • Future Lifestyle
    • Explore and research careers
    • Research the education and training needed for each career
    • Explore in-demand careers
    • Locate job-shadow opportunities
    • Conduct informational interviews
    • Discover which careers match your interests, skills, personality and values
    • Learn which careers fit your ideal level of education
    • Consider whether you have the desire to pursue certain careers
    • Create short- and long-term goals to acquire desired career
    • Apply to school/program
    • Consider what support systems you have in place to help achieve your goals
    • Consider what barriers you may encounter

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