Degree Audit Report (DARS)

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Degree Audit Report (DARS)

The Degree Audit Report System (DARS) is a report that provides you with current information on your degree progress at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. The interactive audit will show your completed coursework with Anoka-Ramsey and transfer credits that have been officially evaluated by the Records Office.

Access & Interpret Your DARS Report

  1. LOGIN

    LOGIN to eServices using your STAR ID & Password

    Questions: Contact the IT HelpDesk at 763-433-1510


    1. Choose "Academic Records" on left.
    2. Choose "Degree Audit Portal".
    3. Click "Click here to access Degree Audit Self-Service".
    4. Log in with your StarID and password.
    5. Find your declared majors in the middle of the screen.
    6. Choose "Run Declared Programs". Your report may take a minute to load.
    7. Choose "View Audit".

    The top portion includes basic information about programs credits you have completed, credits in progress (currently taking and registered for), and credits remaining.

    Your Accuplacer placement test scores are also listed near the top of report. Please note that Accuplacer Reading scores are good for up to three years and Math scores are good up to two years after taking the Accuplacer test.


    As you scroll through the report take note of a few things:

    • A Green checkmark means that you have completed or are in progress of completing that requirement for your program.
    • A Pink X needs your attention, it means that you are missing one or more courses for that requirement.
    • Blue dashes mean that the requirement is in progress with courses you have registered for or are currently in. Completing those courses will fulfill that requirement.

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