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Writing Services

Anoka-Ramsey students can get free writing tutoring in a variety of classes. Both peer and professional writing tutors are here to meet you wherever you are at.


In person:
Meet face-to-face with a writing tutor on either campus.

Meet virtually with a writing tutor on Zoom.

Virtual essay feedback:
Upload your essay through our online form, and a writing tutor will email you feedback within 2 business days.

General Hours


Monday-Thursday: 8 am to 7 pm

Friday: 8 am to 4:30 pm


Monday-Thursday: 7:30 am to 5 pm

Friday: 7:30 to 11:30 am

Visit TracCloud for specific availability each day.

Writing Center Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide individualized, nonjudgmental support for writers of all levels at all stages of the writing process from brainstorming to the final draft. We engage students in collaborative conversations that center their voice and ownership over their writing. Rather than focusing on just an individual piece of writing, we help the writer as a whole, fostering students’ skills and confidence to become independent and empowered writers.

Writing Center Values

We believe...

  • Writing is not a reflection of raw intelligence.
  • Each student has a voice worth celebrating and something important to contribute.
  • Academic writing isn’t the only “right” way to write.
  • Writing is a lifelong journey of learning.

We value...

  • Each student’s writing and their learning process.
  • Each student's lived experiences, perspectives, and identities.
  • Diversity in language, writing, and communication as a whole.
  • Each student’s unique journey to becoming a stronger writer.

  • What type of service is best for me?
    In-person writing tutoring is great for all types of questions and higher/lower order concerns—but particularly those that require more in-depth explanations. For instance, if you want help brainstorming a thesis statement, an in-person session allows for plenty of back-and-forth conversation and walkthroughs.

    Online writing tutoring is great for all types of questions and higher/lower order concerns—but particularly those that benefit from the tutor and tutee having simultaneous screen access. For instance, if you want help citing sources from scratch, an online session is great for pulling information from websites and typing citations in a shared Word document.

    Virtual essay feedback is great for questions and concerns that don’t require extensive explanations since the asynchronous nature means a one-sided conversation. For instance, if you want help with organization, this option provides comments on how your writing is currently organized along with suggestions for how to strengthen it. If you desire more hands-on support (either instead of or following virtual feedback)—particularly with references/citations or detailed grammar elements—we suggest a face-to-face session (either in person or online).

    How long are sessions?
    Writing tutoring sessions are up to 50-minutes long. The first several minutes are reserved for the tutor to read through the assignment instructions and your writing. If you want to maximize your productive time with the tutor, upload your essay to TracCloud in advance!

    How often can I meet with a tutor?
    Students may meet with tutors up to once per day per assignment. Virtual essay feedback constitutes a visit with a tutor.

    What should I bring to my session?
    At minimum, please bring the assignment instructions and/or rubric. If you have started writing, bring whatever you have (either printed or online). You may also bring a personal laptop to work with, or we have computers available for use during sessions.

    Does the Writing Center accept walk-ins?
    You are welcome to drop in and see whether there is current availability. If a tutor is open, they can work with you right then and there. If all tutors are busy, you will be asked to wait, return later, or schedule a future appointment.

    Does the Writing Center help with AI-generated writing?
    Unless the instructor explicitly permits AI in their classroom, the Writing Center will not be able to provide feedback for AI-generated writing.

Supplementary Information

  • Locations

    Coon Rapids campus
    The Writing Center (SC163) is inside the Academic Support Center (SC160)

    Cambridge Campus
    Writing tutors are located in the Academic Support Center (D208)

  • Directory Contacts

    Brigett Hippen
    Academic Support Center Coordinator (Cambridge)

    Carolyn Youngbauer
    Academic Support Center Coordinator (Rapids)

    Josh Cook
    Professional Writing Tutor (Rapids)

    Paul Whiteford
    Professional Writing Tutor (Cambridge)

    Z Townsend
    Writing Resource Specialist & Professional Writing Tutor (Rapids)

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