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Purdue Online Writing Lab Links to citation rules, grammar worksheets, resources for ESL students, advice on thesis statements, and tips for writing in different academic subjects
Grammarly Handbook Grammar Check Check grammar, proofread, and edit your business writing or college essays
Grammarly Handbook Writing and grammar handbook that covers English grammar, style and word choice issues
Writing Center at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Tips and tools for writing a paper, citations, and guides for specific types of writing
Grammar Bytes Grammar rules and practice basics including printable worksheets, definitions, and quick tips
English Grammar Guide Grammar explanations and articles on how to use: view "determiners"
University of Minnesota Center for Writing "Quick Help"  
Plagiarism.org Basic information about plagiarism

About Online Dictionaries
We strongly encourage using a print dictionary, not an online one. Dictionaries are available in the Writing Center & in both campus libraries.

Merriam-Webster If you are not sure how to spell a word, enter your best guess. The dictionary will generate a list of possible words and pronunciations in standard form.
Cambridge Dictionaries A learner’s dictionary with definitions in simple, easy-to-understand language and example sentences.

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