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Records and Registration

The Records and Registration Office encourages and welcomes you to contact us for support in the following services: enrollment verification, registration issues, degree awarding, transfer evaluations, academic records, veterans certification, degree audits and transcript requests.

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  • The Records and Registration Office provides enrollment and degree verifications for our current and prior students. These forms are completed following the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, (MGDPA) Minnesota Statute (Chapter 13) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

    Verification of enrollment is generally needed for the following reasons:

    • loan deferments
    • health insurance eligibility
    • auto insurance eligibility and "good student" discount
    • prospective employment
    • housing eligibility

    Use one of the following three ways to obtain an enrollment/degree verification

    1. The National Student Clearinghouse provides enrollment and degree verifications for agencies and employers on behalf of Anoka-Ramsey Community College. Through the Clearinghouse you can obtain the following information:

    • Proof of Enrollment certificate to print and mail to a health insurer or other company
    • Good Student Discount Certificate (if eligible) to print and mail to automobile insurer
    • Enrollment information on file with the Clearinghouse
    • Student loan deferment notifications that the Clearinghouse has provided to your loan holders (lenders and guarantors)

    To obtain your enrollment verification via the free Student Clearinghouse self-service web page, click on this link to get printable enrollment certificates.

    2. If the requestor has provided you with an enrollment verification form, complete your portion of the form and submit it to

    3. If you do not have a form, please fill out this Enrollment Verification E-form with the required information.

    Additional Information about Verifications

    • Allow two business days to process your request

    • Enrollment can only be verified through the current term. For future terms ARCC will verify the number of registered credits for upcoming terms.

    • Anoka-Ramsey Community College uses the following for enrollment definitions:

    Full-time: 12 or more enrolled semester credits

    Part-time: 11 or fewer enrolled semester credits

  • A transcript is a listing of a student’s Anoka-Ramsey Community College’s courses, grades, GPA, transfer credit totals and degrees/certificates/diplomas earned. Coursework prior to Fall 1968 is not available online; contact the Records and Registration Office. 

    Official Transcripts
    Unofficial Transcripts

    Official Transcripts

    • Generally used to send to other colleges/universities or employers
    • May be sent electronically from an official transcript service or mailed from ARCC in an official sealed envelope
    • Transcripts in sealed envelopes are rendered unofficial once the envelope seal is broken
    • Includes the Registrar’s signature and printed on security paper
    • Check with the requester if your transcript needs to be official

    When requesting an official transcript, please be aware:

    • Past due balance/hold on record: A transcript and diploma will be withheld until all unpaid balances are resolved
    • End of semester grades: To include the most recent grades, select “After Grades Are Posted”
    • After degree is awarded: To include your earned degree, select “After Degree Is Awarded.”

    Ordering Official Transcripts

    If you need an official ARCC transcript sent to any of the University of Minnesota campuses, any Non-Minnesota State school or an employer, select option 1 or 2. See option 3 for transferring within the Minnesota State System. 

    1. Order Online: Parchment, official transcript service
      • Parchment ARCC Storefront
      • Must have a Parchment Account to order a transcript
      • If you do not have an account, Parchment will prompt you to create one using your personal/student email
      • Parchment will ask for your Student ID or last 4-digits of SSN to locate your records
      • $7.50 for mail or electronic
      • Two business days for processing
      • Ability to track your order through your Parchment Account
      • Additional documents can be uploaded with your transcript order
      • For additional help, please view Parchment – How to order a transcript (PDF)
    2. Order on Campus
      • Complete the Transcript Request Form found on campus at the Business Office
      • $7.50 per transcript
      • Mailed by US Postal Service
      • Two business day processing

    3. Transfer within Minnesota State System
      • A list of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities: MinnState List
      • DO NOT order a transcript from Parchment 
      • Contact the MinnState institution directly on how to transfer your ARCC record to their institution

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    Unofficial Transcripts

    • Available on your e-services account
    • No charge
    • May be printed, emailed or saved as a PDF
    • Colleges/universities will not accept unofficial transcripts to transfer credit
    • Does not include the signature of the Registrar

    Obtaining Unofficial Transcripts

    1. Go to E-Services Login home page
    2. Login using your Star ID and Password (Check the box to display name)
    3. Under Academic Records, select Unofficial Transcripts
    4. Choose format and click "Get Academic Record"
      ("Chronological" is the most common). It may take a couple minutes to load.
    5. Click the PDF icon that appears above the upper right corner of your academic record to open or save it as a printable PDF document

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  • New students: If you are a new student, please proceed to Orientation & Registration first. You must attend an orientation session prior to registering for classes.

    Click here for a short clip on how to search and register for courses in eServices.

    Before you register:

    1. Verify holds: Verify that you do not have any holds that will prevent you from successfully registering for your classes. Log into e-Services and click on Dashboard to view any holds.
    2. Check when you can register: Registration windows open based on credits earned (not including in-progress courses). To check your registration window: log into e-Services and click on Courses & Registration and select Registration Window. (Make sure you are looking at the correct semester.

    Summer 2024

    On or after November 6, 2023 Returning students with 30+ earned credits through Summer 2023: Veterans/FTA/PTA/ACCS/TRIO/SUCCESS/returning MANE students may register for nursing and general ed courses; new MANE students may register for general ed courses only; new MANE students will register for NURS courses after nursing program orientation
    On or after November 7, 2023 Currently enrolled students with 0 earned credits or recently admitted students who have completed placement testing and orientation
    On or after November 8, 2023 Open registration 

    fALL 2024

    On or after April 1, 2024 Returning students with 30+ earned credits through Fall 2023; Veterans/FTA/PTA/ACCS/TRIO/SUCCESS/returning NURS students may register for nursing and general ed courses; new NURS students may register for general ed courses only; new NURS students will register for NURS courses after nursing program orientation
    On or after April 2, 2024 Returning students with 15+ earned credits
    On or after April 3, 2024 Currently enrolled students with 0 earned credits or recently admitted students who have completed placement testing and orientation
    On or after April 4, 2024 PSEO students – first semester PSEO students must register with Advisor assistance during their orientation session; after their first semester, PSEO students can register online after turning in the PSEO state form
    On or after April 5, 2024
    Open registration

    Important Information:

    • You are responsible for your registration, including the financial and academic consequences that result from your schedule
    • Review your bill and schedule online each time you make registration changes
  • All registration changes must be completed through the confirmation phase to be considered processed. The transaction is completed when you receive a confirmation message.

    Below is detailed information regarding each process:

    Add a Course


    Drop a Course

    Withdraw from a Course

    Add a Course

    • Adding includes initial registration, additional registration or substituting one class for another
    • Courses starting at the beginning of the term can be added through the fifth business day of the term
    • Courses starting after the first week can be added the day before the course starts
    • Classes added through late registration (after the Pell Grant enrollment deadline) are not eligible for the Federal Pell Grant, unless by appeal

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    • Wait lists are students waiting to register for a course that is currently full. You are not automatically enrolled in the course. Not all courses have a wait list.
    • When a seat opens up, the first person on the list will be offered that seat (notified via ARCC college email). It is essential that you check your email daily.
    • Prerequisites, holds, or instructor permission must be resolved prior to adding yourself to the wait list
    • You have 24 hours after being notified (this includes Saturdays & Sundays) to go to eServices and register for the course.  If you do not register within the 24 hour time frame, the next student on the list will be offered the seat.
    • To view your position on the wait list log into e-Services and select Courses and Registration and click Review My Plan
    • ARCC staff do not have control over the waitlist

    Waitlist: How-To (PDF)

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    Drop a Course

    You are responsible for dropping your courses.  Not attending or not participating does not constitute dropping from a course. Instructors will not drop you from your course.

    Courses starting at the beginning of the term:

    • can be dropped only through the fifth business day of the term (after the 5th day, see withdraw information below)
    • dropped courses do not appear on your transcript
    • dropped courses do not impact academic standing
    • dropped courses will receive a full refund of tuition and fee

    Courses starting after the first week (late start courses):

    • must be dropped the first day after the first scheduled course meeting in order to receive a full refund (after the first day, see withdraw information below)

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    Withdraw from a Course

    You are responsible for withdrawing from your courses. Not attending or not participating does not constitute withdrawing from a course. Instructors will not withdraw you from your course.

    You are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor and financial aid before withdrawing from any course.

    • If you do not withdraw from a course, an ‘F’ grade will be posted for the course
    • Withdraw deadlines are listed on course schedule under Add/Drop/Withdraw
    • Withdrawing from a class will not change your tuition or fees; you are still financially responsible for the course(s).
    • The course remains on your transcript with a ‘W’ grade
    • A ‘W’ grade does not affect your grade point average (GPA)
    • Credits for classes with ‘W’ grades will count as attempted credits. Attempted credits are used when calculating your course completion rate which can negatively impact
      Satisfactory Academic Progress
    • A “W” grade may subject you to financial aid repayment; contact the Financial Aid Office at 763-433-1500 or
    • A student who was unable to drop or withdraw from classes by the drop or withdrawal deadline due to extenuating circumstances may submit an Exception to Policy for a late withdrawal. Certain criteria must be met to qualify.

    Withdraw Refund Schedule

    • Refunds are only provided if you withdraw from all courses
    • Refunds are reduced according to the schedule below; the effective date for refund purposes is the date the withdrawal request is received

    Total Withdrawal: A withdrawal from all registered courses. Refunds for complete withdrawal from the college will be:

    Date of Total Withdrawal from All Classes

    Fall and Spring Semesters Refund Allowed
    Business Days 1-5 100%
    Business Days 6-10  75%
    Business Days 11-15     50%
    Business Days 16-20     25%
    Refund beginning 21st Business Day   0%
    Summer Semester Refund Allowed
    Business Days 1-5 100%
    Business Days 6-10  50%
    After Business Day 10 0%

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  • Student on hold: You have a hold on your record that is preventing registration. View holds and how to resolve them.

    Please view a list of common registration problems.

    “Course is full” or “Course is part of a group that is full”:  The maximum number of students are registered for the course. Proceed with one of these options:

    • Most courses have a waitlist option. Cross-listed courses do not. 
    • Work with your advisor to identify another course or other options.
    • Contact the instructor to request permission to register for their course.  If approved, student must complete an Exception to Policy Petition and attached the email from the instructor.

    Course requires special permission: Some courses are set up so that the instructor can monitor who enrolls in the course. Proceed with one of these options:

    • Contact the instructor to receive approval to register. If approved, the instructor should submit an Instructor Permission Form. The Records and Registration Office will process the form, and you will be registered for the course.
    • Attach email from the instructor to your registration form for processing

    “Exceed maximum credits allowed for this term” or “Limit all students to 22 credits system wide”: Maximum number of credits students may be enrolled for any semester is 22 credits for all Minn State institutions.

    • Work with your advisor regarding appropriate course selection

    Student classification not allowed in this course: PSEO students are blocked from registration after Day 15 of the semester.

    • Contact the Records and Registration Office or your advisor to register for late starting courses after day 15 of the semester.

    Immunization info required for registration: Minnesota Law (M.S. 135A.14) requires proof that all students born after 1956 are vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, and rubella.

    • If you were born before 1957, you do not need to complete the entire form; however, you must return the immunization form to ARCC.
    • Complete the Records and Registration - Immunization Form. Once completed the Records and Registration Office will remove the hold so you can register online.

    Student suspended – not allowed to register: In accordance with federal and state regulations and Minnesota State Board Policy 2.9, students are expected to meet or exceed minimum standards.

    Warning: Lecture and Lab must be taken concurrently: Some lecture courses require that you must also register for a lab course. HPER 1120 is an example where there are a few lecture options and several labs options.

    • Check the course notes to see which lab or lecture sections need to be taken together.

    Student must take/pass test or satisfy course prerequisites: Prerequisites are courses or test placements that are required to register for a course. See the course description for prerequisites.

    • Complete the Records & Registration - Prerequisite Registration Form. The Records and Registration Office will review the form.
    • Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for prerequisites and must be submitted with the prerequisite form if it is not already on file.
    • If the prerequisite has been met, the Records and Registration Office will enter in an override. You will be notified by email that you can register online.
    • If it is determined the prerequisite has not been met, you may do one of the following:

      • Contact the instructor to get permission. If approved, the instructor should submit an Instructor Permission Form. The form will be submitted to the Records and Registration Office for processing.
      • Obtain an email from the instructor to attach to your registration form and submit both to the Records and Registration Office for processing.

    Time Conflict in Student Schedule: You have selected courses with overlapping times. You may do one of the following to resolve this issue:

    • Choose a different section of one of the courses.
    • If no options are available, contact both instructors. If both instructors approve, student must complete an Exception to Policy Petition and attached the email from the instructors.
  • Who Qualifies as a Senior Citizen Student?

    • Legal resident of Minnesota 62 years or older before the beginning of the term
    • Person receiving railroad retirement annuity who has reached 60 years before the beginning of the term

    What if I have never taken a class at Anoka-Ramsey Community College?

    Please apply online for admission to the college (there is no cost to apply) here:

    Senior Citizen Admissions or Contact Admissions at 763-433-1300 or for assistance.

    When can I register to get a reduced rate?

    • Senior citizens who want to receive the senior discount may register for a class after the first class meets (the class has to meet at least once) if there is space available in the class.
    • Senior citizens may register for an online course the day after the semester starts and if there is space available in the class. 
    • Senior citizens must register by the 5th day of the term for classes starting at the beginning of the semester.
    • Senior citizens who want to register for late start classes (classes starting after the first week) may do so after the class meets if there is space available in the course.
    • Seniors citizens will be unable to obtain the senior rate by registering early to hold a seat in the class.
    • Senior citizens who want to guarantee their enrollment by registering early are required to pay full tuition and fees.
    • Senior citizens should not attend class until registered.

    What does it mean to Audit a Course?

    • Auditing a course means attending and participating as required by the instructor but not taking tests, being graded or earning college credit(s)
    • Senior citizens who choose to audit a course are not charged tuition
    • Regular and special fees, books and materials are the responsibility of the student
    • Requesting to audit a course must be made at the time of registration
    • A grade of “AU” will be posted on your academic record/transcript
    • “AU” grades do not affect GPA or completion rate

    How do I register?

    You will be required to provide legal proof of age (driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport) if you have not previously taken a class at ARCC using the Senior citizen rate.

    Senior citizens can register in one of the following ways:

    1. Complete the Senior Citizen Registration Form
    2. If the Senior Citizen Registration Form cannot be completed, send an email to

    Include the following in the email:

    1. First and Last Name
    2. Tech or STAR ID
    3. State you want the senior citizen discount
    4. Semester
    5. Year
    6. Course ID (6 digit number; example: 000123)
    7. Subject (3-4 alpha characters; example: HPER)
    8. Course # (4 digit number; example: 1112)
    9. Section # (2 digit number; example: 01)
    10. Number of credits (example: 3)
    11. I would like to audit this course. Yes or No


    Note that by submitting this information via email, you are authorizing Anoka-Ramsey Community College to register you for the above class. You understand that you are responsible for any charges for the above class.

    What do I pay?

    If taking a course for a letter grade or changing from an audit to a letter grade, you will be charged the following per credit:

    • $20 administrative fee
    • Wellness Center fee
    • Minnesota State College Student Association fee
    • Technology Fee
    • Parking
    • Special course fees
    • Books
    • Additional course materials

    If auditing the course, you will be charged the following per credit:

    • Parking
    • Special course fees
    • Book

    Current tuition and fee information

    Why do I have to wait to register until the class meets once?

    Minnesota Statutes 135A.52

    Who can answer my registration questions?

    Records and Registration Office

  • What is a StarID?

    StarID is a single username that allows you to log into any of your technology accounts at Anoka-Ramsey Community College and within the Minnesota State system. The StarID format consists of two letters followed by four numbers followed by two letters, such as ab1234cd. StarID is never duplicated and never reassigned. This means that once issued, you can use the same StarID at every participating Minnesota State institution.

    When will you use a StarID?

    • E-Services: This account is used for course registration, bills and payment (including payment plans), financial aid, grades and unofficial transcripts, and degree audit reports
    • ARCC email: This email is used for official communication with the college
    • Campus computers: Computers on campus require you to log in with your StarID
    • D2L Brightspace: This is the online learning environment used for online, blended, and many on-campus courses
    • Some forms may require a StarID

    What is a Student/TechID?

    A TechID is not the same as your StarID. A TechID is an eight-digit number (all numerical digits) that is unique to you and this institution. You will have a different TechID at each institution you attend.

    When will you use a TechID?

    • You may have to use your TechID if you were never originally assigned a StarID
    • Some forms may require a TechID (for example: PSEO form)

    Where can I find my TechID?

    • On the bottom of your student ID card issued by the information desk
    • On your E-services dashboard
    • Contact for additional help

    Activating your StarID: StarID Help

    Need help: ARCC StarID Assistance

  • Please check the list below and contact the person who corresponds with your question.

    Rhonda Kern, Registrar
    Coordinates Records/Registration office services

    Kristen Wiesen, Assistant Registrar
    Degree applications, declare/change major, VA certifying official: Cambridge
    Victoria Gartner
    VA certifying official: Coon Rapids, PTA applications
    Clay Helmer
    Certificate/diploma applications, Non-Minnesota State transfer evaluations, prerequisites
    Darcy Metz
    PSEO state forms, high school transcripts, registration/add/drop/withdraw, general questions
    Sue Miller
    Minnesota State transfer evaluations, degree applications
    Brenda Smith
    Enrollment verifications, transcripts requests, registration/add/drop/withdraw, general questions
    Trish Palmer
    Declare/Change major request, enrollment verifications, transcript requests, registration/add/drop/withdraw, general questions

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