Accuplacer Placement Testing

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Accuplacer Placement Testing

The Accuplacer is a placement test that assesses skill levels in reading, English composition and mathematics. Test results are required for all students and used to determine the appropriate course placement to promote student success in college. 

Placement tests are required for: 

  • New students registering for credit-based courses
  • All PSEO students
  • Returning students or transfer students who have not either taken the Accuplacer placement test at another institution or successfully completed a college-level math and/or college-level English course with a grade of "C" or higher

Students are not required to take the placement test(s) if:

  • They have a recent ACT sub-scores of at least 22 in math, 18 in English, and 21 in reading. Students whose sub-scores are lower in one of these areas must take the placement test in that area. (ACT score report cannot be older than three years for English and two years for math.) To use  ACT score, you need to request an official copy be submitted to the Records and Registration Office at Anoka-Ramsey Community College.

If you have taken the Accuplacer test at another college or have completed a college level math and/or English course at another college, please send an official copy of your scores/grades to the Records and Registration Office.

Accuplacer test scores are valid three years for reading and two years for math.  To obtain a copy of your scores, please complete the Request for Accuplacer Score Report form. To understand your test results, review the Accuplacer Interpretation Handout.

Prepare For The Accuplacer

The Accuplacer helps determine the best place to begin your program of study. We want to make sure that your results accurately reflect the courses you should take so make sure you prepare!

Check out the Resources to Prepare for the Accuplacer Test below.


Check the Calendars by campus for the next available testing session.

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  • General

    You are strongly encouraged to prepare for placement test by reviewing the following study materials:

    Preview of Accuplacer and sample test questions

    Free Accuplacer Web-Based Study App

    Free Accuplacer Sample Questions


    Reading Comprehension Resources

    The reading comprehension portion of the placement test consists of twenty questions. There are two types of inquiries presented: reading passages and sentence relationships.

    Reading Passages: text-based questions; selections are in paragraphs of varying lengths; subjects range from history to science to current events.
    Sentence Relationships: two sentences are presented; explain the relationship between them (e.g. Does the second sentence support, contradict, or repeat the first?).

    Cengage Learning Student Resource Center
    Montgomery College Accuplacer Reading & English Preparation
    Oklahoma State University Reading Strategies


    This is an adaptive test which means the computer will automatically decide the next question to give you based on your responses to previous questions. Because of the adaptability, you cannot omit any questions or come back to change an answer later. When the math test starts, you begin with questions in the topic Accuplacer calls Elementary Algebra. Pending your performance, you may move on to the Arithmetic Test or College Level Test.

    Test Sequence Progression

    1. Elementary Algebra - 14 questions
      (Algebra II)
    2. Arithmetic - 17 questions
      (percents, operations with integers, fractions, decimals, and basic word problems.)
    3. College Level - 23 questions
      (Algebra II, Trigonometry, Probability and Statistics, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus)


    • No appointment necessary! First come, first served, on a space-available basis.  See the testing schedule for walk-in testing times listed below.
    • There is no fee to take the initial assessment test; however there is a $10 retest fee for each retest session.
    • Bring your student ID number and a picture identification.
    • This is an untimed test; allow 2-3 hours to take the test. 
    • Calculators are not allowed. Scratch paper is provided.
    • All personal belongings will be stored in a locker, including, but not limited to book bags, coats, hats, cell phones (turned off), etc. 
    • No food or beverages allowed.
    • Children are not allowed in the testing center and must not be left unattended.
  • Reading & English, Mathematics: Accuplacer Interpretation (PDF)

    English Language Learner (ELL) Pathway (PDF)

    Math Pathways (PDF)
    Your placement test (Accuplacer) score determines your math starting point.

    • If you are not satisfied with your placement results, you may retest.
    • There is a $10 retest fee for each retest session. Please come to the Testing Center to verify if the retest fee is applicable.
    • Students may retest once (for each placement exam: reading comprehension, arithmetic, elementary algebra and/or college level math) within 12 months of the first testing date, regardless of where the test was administered.

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