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Office of Equity and Inclusion

The Office of Equity and Inclusion's Core Purpose:

To transform perspectives by strategically providing direction to the college on equity and inclusion.

Through student engagement, we strive to develop students for the global world; through data collection, we provide information to teach and to effectively use data to inform practice; through partnerships with departments, we are able to work together in shared goals of the Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Plan; and through communication with our students, we are able to respond to traumatic events in our communities.

We are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion at all levels of the college through educational programming and cultural activities that foster domestic and global awareness within the college community.

We are dedicated to examining and implementing best practices in regards to recruitment, retention and success for all students, staff and faculty.

We are committed to creating an environment that is welcoming and accepting of differences at the college.

Anoka-Ramsey/Anoka Tech Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Plan

The Anoka-Ramsey/Anoka Tech Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Plan is ready for implementation.  The Diversity Committee, made up of students, faculty and staff.

  • GOAL #1 – Ensure a Supportive, Inclusive, and Empowering Environment:

    Objective 1: Regularly Assess College Climate
    Objective 2: Expand definitions of diversity for increased inclusion

    GOAL #2 – Recruitment processes are equitable and inclusive

    Objective 1: Develop relationships with diverse community partners
    Objective 2: Develop a program for supporting diverse students in accessing college funding

    GOAL #3 – Increase retention through equitable student support

    Objective 1: Ensure recruitment efforts correspond with strong retention resources for diverse populations
    Objective 2: Develop customized retention efforts to support the graduation rate of diverse populations

    GOAL #4 – Promote equity practices in and out of the classroom:

    Objective 1: Incorporate diversity content, contexts, competencies, and pedagogical techniques in the classroom
    Objective 2: Provide experiences outside of the classroom that promote diversity competencies.

    GOAL #5 – Support a diverse team of faculty, staff, administrators, and college board members who are committed to inclusive excellence

    Objective 1: Promote the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff, and administrators
    Objective 2: Develop a portfolio of diversity competencies and create ongoing, scaffolding professional development pathways

  • Interested in developing your leadership skills, starting a new club, attending cultural events or visiting a local business or potential employer?

    The Office of Diversity & Multiculturalism is looking for students who want to become more involved inside and outside of the college environment. This is an opportunity to develop leadership skills, create new networking opportunities, share your culture and have a voice on campus.

    If any of these ideas interest you, or if you would like guidance for other ideas you have, please contact Venoreen Browne-Boatswain, Director of Diversity and Multiculturalism.

  • BRIDGES is the result of many listening sessions, feedback from faculty and staff, and 17 virtually held workshops with employees at ATC and ARCC during the Spring 2022 semester.  The Building BRIDGES (Belongingness, Restoration, Inclusion, Diversity, Growth, Equity, Sustainability) Plan will be reviewed and revised at least every two years to ensure progress, relevancy, and to account for unforeseen changes that require adaptability and flexibility.

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