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Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

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Cambridge Campus Chapter - ALPHA DELTA UPSILON
Coon Rapids Campus Chapter - ALPHA DELTA ALPHA

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Mission

Recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students and; Provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship programming.


Minn-Kota Region | Phi Theta Kappa International

  • Phi Theta Kappa is an organization that is centralized around four themes: scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship.

    To qualify to become a member, you must:

    • Be an actively enrolled student at Cambridge Campus
    • Have completed at least 12 credits at or above the 1000 level
    • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher at the time of application

    Once you qualify to join, you will be notified by email about three weeks into the beginning of the semester (usually in September or February). There is $65 one-time membership fee to join.

    After you join PTK, you may choose your level of involvement. You may be an official member, which is a member who has registered with PTK. This will enable you to receive a special notation on your transcript, honorary regalia at graduation and access to exclusive scholarships. At the time your degree is posted, if your cumulative GPA is 3.0 or higher on your degree audit, PTK will be noted on your official transcript in the degree area. You may also choose to become an active member, which is an official member who attends PTK meetings, works on PTK scholarly projects, and attends PTK service events/projects. This is a great extracurricular to add to your resume!

    For more information, contact PTK advisor Angela Vena.

    Learn more: Cambridge Campus PTK Chapter

  • Joining Phi Theta Kappa is a life-changing experience, and it's wonderful that you're interested. Joining opens a door to $90 million in scholarship opportunities to continue your education. Besides the monetary benefits, Phi Theta Kappans are able to lead their own campus and college toward improvement. Through scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship, members in Phi Theta Kappa change their world.

    The requirements for membership in our chapter, are as follows:

    1. Be an actively enrolled student on the Coon Rapids Campus.
    2. Have completed at least 12 credits at or above the 1000 level.
    3. Have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher at the time of application.

    If you meet all of these requirements, we will invite you to be a member of Phi Theta Kappa and we encourage you to accept. Jennifer Christensen will send you an email invitation with a passcode to join online. Invitations are emailed to eligible students about 3 weeks into the fall and spring semester. There is an $80 one time membership fee to join.

    When accepting membership, you will have the option to purchase your graduation regalia through the Phi Theta Kappa website, but you can wait. Phi Theta Kappa regalia can also be earned or purchased near the time of graduation on the Coon Rapids campus. At the time your degree is posted, if your cumulative GPA is 3.0 or higher on your degree audit, PTK will be noted on your official transcript in the degree area.

    If you have application questions or comments please contact: Jennifer Christensen (PTK Advisor Assistant).

  • Please contact the advisor for current meeting information.

  • Please contact the advisor for current meeting information.

    This program is an exclusive Phi Theta Kappa online professional development plan designed to help members practice and strengthen their soft skills. Communication, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and professional etiquette are all important traits to master no matter what career you’ve chosen. 

    The Hallmark Awards Program, which reflects the scholarly ideals of Phi Theta Kappa, serves to recognize superior individual and chapter achievement in Society programs. In this program, chapters compete against one another. Participation encourages excellence, reflects fairness, recognizes quality, and leads to enhanced student, advisor, and chapter development.

    Phi Theta Kappa chapters and individual members are invited to participate in the Honors Case Study Challenge. Take the challenge for an opportunity to win $500! Phi Theta Kappa challenges you to read the newspaper daily and create an Honors Case Study based upon your reading.

    By engaging in Honors in Action, students develop and demonstrate skills that will serve them not only in their academic pursuits, but also in careers and life. Participating in a chapter’s Honors in Action Project creates opportunities to apply learning and practice real-world problem-solving by developing an in-depth, action-oriented project related to research of an Honors Study Topic.

    Nota Bene, Latin for "note well," is Phi Theta Kappa's honors anthology. It recognizes outstanding writing of Phi Theta Kappa members and demonstrates to the literary public the academic excellence and commitment to scholarship found at two-year colleges. Scholarships can be won through this competition!

    Being a member of Phi Theta Kappa gives you a huge number of resources to help you find and be awarded scholarships to continue your education. There are scholarship opportunities for two-year and four-year funds, and a number are only available to members!

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