Tuition Waiver Supplement

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Tuition Waiver Supplement


General Information:

  • Employees and/or qualified dependents may be eligible to use the tuition waiver benefit as provided under the MSCF, MMA, MAPE, Commissioner’s Plan or AFSCME bargaining units.  Tuition waiver benefits vary across the bargaining agreements/personnel plans covering employees.
  • The spouse or dependents of employees shall be eligible to use the tuition waiver benefits as outlined in the bargaining agreements/plans.  Eligible dependents are as defined in the applicable agreement/plan.
  • The Human Resources office determines the employee’s and the employee’s spouse and/or dependent(s’) eligibility for the benefit in accordance with the language in the applicable bargaining agreement/plan.  The Rules Matrix is available here.
  • Employees must be eligible for tuition waiver benefits prior to the beginning of the course(s) in which they intend to enroll.
  • All users of tuition waiver benefits must submit their electronic tuition waiver no later than 10 days following the start date of the course for which the user is seeking to waive tuition.
  • Students have sole responsibility for all registration transactions and are fully obligated for the payment any associated fees.


  • A student shall register through the normal student registration process.
  • The employee shall request a tuition waiver by using the Online Tuition Waiver.  
  • The employee will sign into the Online Tuition Waiver System using the assigned Tech ID.  Passwords will vary for each employee.  The defaulted password is the employee’s date of birth (yymmdd).  Contact the Human Resources Office with questions.
  • Once the Tuition Waiver has been approved by the Human Resources Office the waiver is sent electronically to the Business Office to be applied.  An email notice will be sent to inform the employee of the status of the waiver.  Any fees or tuition not covered by the waiver must be paid at this time. 



11.2002 Adopted

06.2009 Updated


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