Procedure 6A.3/11 Building, Site and Common Area Naming

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Procedure 6A.3/11 Building, Site and Common Area Naming


Part 1: Purpose

The purpose of the procedure is to provide standard guidelines for naming Anoka-Ramsey Community College buildings, sites and common areas and to ensure compliance with Minnesota State Procedure 6.8.1 Naming Building, Sites and Common Areas.

Part 2: Criteria

Naming of college buildings, sites and common areas shall occur to:

  • Recognize an individual who has had a significant, lasting and memorable impact on the institution through exemplary personal, professional or civic endeavors or contribution.
  • Recognize significant historic contributions to the college, state, nation, or world.
  • Recognize a business or other entity that has had significant financial impact on college campuses.
  • Provide funding for a physical facilities project, including construction or renovation of a facility or site.

Buildings, sites and common areas will not be named for individuals who are employed by or officially involved (i.e. foundation member, student, vendor) with the college. These facilities may be named after such persons no earlier than one year following the conclusion of his/her relationship with the college.

To be eligible for naming consideration, individuals must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Former elected or appointed state government official instrumental in the development of a college.
  • Former member of the Minnesota State Board of Trustees or the college’s Community Advisory Committee.
  • A former employee who has made an outstanding contribution to the college.
  • A citizen who has provided significant leadership for and service to the college.
  • A alumni or former student of the college who has achieved distinction in scholarship, creative arts or public service nationally or internationally.
  • A donor whose contribution has significantly financed a portion of the building, site or common area.

When names other than those of individuals are used, in addition to Part 2 above, the recommendation for naming shall conform to recognized standards of propriety as agreed upon by the Naming Task Force.

The proposed building, site, or common area name should not readily lend itself to unwanted abbreviations, acronyms or nicknames.

The recommendation, which must include an explanation of the consultation and review process used, shall be forwarded from the college president to the chancellor for approval.

Part 3: Task Force

A Naming Task Force shall be established assuring broad based input into the proposed building, site or common area name. The Task Force shall include a representative from each constituent group in addition to other representation as advisable by the President and will convene as necessary. The Naming Task Force will consider Minnesota State policy, procedure and recognition and donation criteria when making a recommendation. The Task Force shall follow Anoka-Ramsey Community College naming criteria and donation criteria, using discretion as necessary.

Any person may submit a naming recommendation for review by the Naming Task Force.

Recommendations should be submitted to the college President for review and submission to the Naming Task Force as appropriate. Recommendations shall include the following: a brief statement from the nominator including explanation of affiliation with the college and any relevant documentation, a statement defining how the recommendation meets the naming criteria and a resume or letter of recommendation justifying the nomination.

Part 4: Agreements

Upon approval of a naming proposal, the donor, administrators, and Foundation officials must complete a gift contract previously reviewed and approved by the college President. Consideration of this contract includes:

  • The life expectancy of the building, equipment, rooms, etc.
  • Possible name change if donor is corporate.
  • Impact of change if a family situation occurs.
  • Termination of the educational program or decommissioning of the named space or structure.

The college president reserves the right to remove/change a name at any point, from any of its facilities. Also, the college president is not obligated to name a facility after a person who meets the guidelines. Individual background checks shall be incorporated into the naming process if the college is considering using a individual’s name for a facility.

Multi-year pledge agreements can occur, but the administration retains the right to deter the start of the project until an established amount of the contribution is received. Prior to any donor recognition event or naming ceremony, a minimum of seventy-five percent of the total gift must be received.

Part 5: Name Transfers

If the named building/area is decommissioned, or if the program is terminated, the named building/area may or may not be transferred. At the time of replacement, if any, the original donor will have the first right of refusal to provide a new gift to continue the naming opportunity, in accordance with the existing naming policy.

Part 6: Signage

Upon approval of a recommended building, site or common area name, the Naming Task Force will submit a recommendation to the college president including a signage plan that ensures compliance with college Policy and Procedure 6A.2 & 6A.2/11 - Signs.



04.2009 Adopted  

07.2017 Technical changes, MnSCU to Minnesota State




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