Procedure 6A.1/11 Space Management: Use of Facilities and Services

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Procedure 6A.1/11 Space Management: Use of Facilities and Services


A. Use of Facilities and Services by Staff

The use of institutional facilities, secretarial staff, office equipment and office supplies is prescribed by the guidelines below:

  1. Reasonable use of facilities with respect to duplication and reproduction of classroom materials is permitted.
  2. Instructional administrative assistants are available to assist with keyboarding college correspondence, quizzes, exams, reports, running office machines and assembling materials.
    • All keyboarding requests should allow three or more days of lead time and must be on clean copy.
    • If work is to be done in the Central Services office located on the Coon Rapids Campus, an additional minimum of ten (Cambridge Campus) or three days (Coon Rapids) of lead time is required.
    • Final examinations are to be given to the faculty secretary at least one week prior to the first day of final week.
  3. Expenses for secretarial time, supplies and equipment for non-state Work (work that is not official college work):
    • At Cambridge, non-state work is not allowed.
    • At Coon Rapids, these expenses should be reported and paid for by the individual or organization having the work done. All non-state work must be approved by the immediate supervisor who shall determine the costs to be assessed.
  4. Professional correspondence constitutes an acceptable use of facilities. Professional correspondence includes, but is not limited to, writing letters of recommendation for former students, answering letters of inquiry regarding the college, and letters dealing with issues immediately germane to education and to professional responsibilities.
  5. Miscellaneous professional use of facilities includes, but is not limited to, duplication and reproduction of information, data, articles, surveys, polemics, petitions and position papers related to matters of institutional and/or professional concern. These items shall bear the name of the faculty member or group requesting duplication and distribution.
  6. College and/or employee organizations may use the facilities in accordance with the above guidelines and college Policy 5E.1 Facility Rental. All use of facilities costs are charged to a college unit or a specific organization and require approval of the unit head.
    Charges for non-institutional communications and documents, however, shall be assessed on a cost/charge basis. Cost/charges shall accrue on communications and documents of more than two pages each. The President or designated authority shall, after consultation with the leadership of the employee organization, determine the assessment.
  7. The standard for care of college facilities is to leave an area in acceptable condition for the next class or person to be there. There should be no eating or drinking in the Library, Career Center, Theatre (Coon Rapids), Computer Labs, Science Labs, or in classrooms. Chairs and desks should be returned to original positions, and chalkboards/whiteboards should be erased. Waste and trash of any kind should be disposed of properly by the original user. Smoking is permitted only outdoors in designated areas. Faculty are expected to help enforce college rules.
  8. Non-class day use of rooms and facilities must have prior approval from and is the responsibility of the appropriate dean. Normally use after regular college hours will not be granted.
  9. Staff wishing to book Cambridge Campus rooms for use other than regularly scheduled classes should contact the Educational Services Office. Staff wishing to book Coon Rapids Campus rooms for use other than regularly scheduled classes should submit a Building Use Permit (available in administrative offices) to the Coordinator of Facilities Use Office. These steps are necessary for purposes of communication with maintenance and other staff and to prevent scheduling conflicts.

B. Use of Facilities by Students

  1. Class day use of rooms and facilities is permitted with staff present and when reserved in advance.
  2. Non-class day use of rooms and facilities on the Cambridge Campus:
    • Use must be requested in advance and have prior approval from the Information Desk.
    • To use campus facilities for evening/weekend functions, clubs must submit their request in advance to the Information Desk, must have approval of the club advisor, and must also provide the Information Desk with security personnel information at the time the Facility Use Request is submitted.
  3. Non-class day use of rooms and facilities on the Coon Rapids Campus:
    • Use must have prior approval and is the responsibility of the appropriate dean.
    • Normally, late-night or overnight use will not be granted.
    • The instructor or activity director must be present at all times and is responsible for unlocking and locking facilities and securing equipment.




07.2004 Combined Cambridge and Coon Rapids procedure into a single procedure  




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