Procedure 5G.2/11 PSEO Ineligibility

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Procedure 5G.2/11 PSEO Ineligibility

The following are guidelines for classes that are not eligible for PSEO funding:

  • Courses during summer session
  • Developmental courses numbered < 1000
  • Specific program courses requiring special admission; i.e., Nursing  PTA*

*Pharmacy Tech program is eligible for PSEO funding

  • All field study abroad classes – French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Humanities 2200
  • Field trips requiring an overnight stay
  • Private instruction
  • Credit by exam

The following courses are not eligible for PSEO funding:

HPER 1123 Outdoor Activities

HPER 1132 Skiing (Cambridge)                      

HPER 1132 Skiing (Coon Rapids)

HPER 1134 Snowboarding (Cambridge)         

HPER 1134 Snowboarding (Coon Rapids)        

HPER 1144 Camping (Cambridge)

HPER 1156 Golf    

HUM 2200 Field Study Abroad

MUSC 1105 Applied Lesson                                

MUSC 2105 Applied Lesson                                 

MUSC 2175 AFA Recital Applied Lesson

NATS 1003 (SD Trip, Summer only)




11.2013 Adopted
11.2014 Removed MUSC 2150 



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