Procedure 5E.1/11 Facility Reservation and Rental

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Procedure 5E.1/11 Facility Reservation and Rental


For purposes of this Procedure, the following definitions apply:

  1. “College department” means an official department within the College.
  2. “Commercial activities” means selling or offering to sell any goods or services as well as the solicitation or promotion of any goods or services.
  3. “Non-affiliated organization” means an organization not affiliated with the College. This includes members of the public, use of College facilities by faculty, staff or students for personal use and collective bargaining units of the College not in good standing.
  4. “Recognized student group” means a student group officially recognized by the College.  See Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (“Minnesota State”) Policy 2.1.


Organizations or individuals must submit a request, in advance, to use the college facilities, grounds and/or equipment.

College employees scheduling a college event or meeting must follow the “Internal Reservation” request process.

Any employee, individual, or organization seeking facility use for non-college business purposes must follow the “External Rental” request process.

Exceptions must be approved by the President or designee.

Internal Reservation. Anoka-Ramsey employees may submit requests for facility use by college departments, recognized student groups, or bargaining units in good standing, using the Virtual Event Management System (EMS) on the college website.  Requests are processed by the EMS Administrator. No fees will be imposed or collected for internal groups or events. Recognized student organizations may be required to enter a facilities use agreement where an event is determined to require security or has complex needs to ensure continuity of college operations and campus safety. 

External Rental. Rental requests by non-affiliated organizations or individuals are directed to Professional and Workforce Training (PWT).  All non-affiliated organizations or individuals will be required to enter a facilities use agreement prior to being granted access to college facilities, consistent with Minnesota State Procedure 6.7.2.

When a facilities use agreement is required, sufficient notice of a desired use should be given. At a minimum, this entails [7] seven days’ notice for small facilities and [14] days’ notice for larger facilities.

Catering Services. Catering services which will be paid for from college budgets are to be arranged by the event organizer.  All catering which will be paid from non-college funds must be coordinated through the campus food service provider. Contract prices apply for catered food arrangements; additional fees for service during non-operational hours also apply. NOTE:  No food or beverages may be brought in for events from outside providers unless authorized by the Director of Auxiliary Services.

Request Approval

The EMS Administrators hold responsibility to act on all Internal Reservation requests.  PWT holds responsibility to act on all External Rental requests.  Approval of External Rental will be contingent on verification of organization-held insurance, college staffing, or other relevant factors. The College may co-sponsor events at the discretion of the College President or designee.

Disposition of Internal Reservation requests will be communicated to the event organizer and other affected college offices by an EMS Administrator. The event organizer is responsible for making any special arrangements directly with the college office involved (i.e., maintenance, technology, security, or catering), and entering into a Facility Use Agreement where required, consistent with Minnesota State Procedure 6.7.2.

Disposition of External Rental requests will be communicated to the event organizer by PWT. Upon approval of the event, PWT will complete the Facility Use Agreement, obtain the required proof of insurance, and facilitate the necessary arrangements with affected college offices and personnel. A Facility Use Agreement is required for all external rentals.

Except where the College affirmatively opens its facilities for expressive purposes, or as required to do so by law, the College retains the ability to enter into facilities use contracts with individuals, groups or entities at its own discretion. 

No event will be scheduled after 6:00 pm on Precinct Caucus Night (even-numbered years).


Facility rental fees may be discounted for nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and school districts when the event occurs within regular college operating hours.

  • Facilities: A set fee for each assigned facilities staff member will be paid by the renter when an event is scheduled outside of regular operating hours or if the event requires additional staff coverage
  • Special Arrangement: A fee schedule for special arrangements and for facility use during non-operational hours is in effect.


The following rooms and services are offered at the Cambridge and Coon Rapids Main Campus locations. All rates and fees are based on fair market value as determined by rates in our community. Rates and fees are subject to change at any time before a written agreement is finalized. Professional and Workforce Training should be contacted for current pricing.

  • Classroom – Small
  • Classroom – Large
  • Computer Lab
  • Food Court – Cambridge and Coon Rapids
  • Legacy Room – Coon Rapids
  • Mississippi Room – Coon Rapids
  • Theater - Cambridge
  • Performing Arts Center – Coon Rapids
  • Gym 100 – Coon Rapids
  • Gym 107, Gym 100 East, or Gym 100 West – Coon Rapids
  • Outdoor Fields or Volleyball Court
  • Roving Smart Cart
  • ITV connection
  • Technology Assistance (per person assigned)
  • Facilities Staff Assistance (per person assigned
  • Theater Tech Assistance (per person assigned; required for all Performing Arts Center usage)
  • Catering Services
  • Parking Lot
  • Wi Fi Access

There is no fee for permitted use of designated expression and assembly areas by recognized student groups or non-affiliated organizations. See Policy 1A.15 Assembly and Expression.

The College reserves the right to assess cleanup, maintenance and security costs, if applicable, and recover for any damage done to College property or facilities.

Recognized student groups may reserve campus facilities and sponsor a non-affiliated organization for an event, but as a sponsor, the student group must be the primary planner, implementer and financer of the event.  Recognized student groups may not reserve campus facilities on behalf of a non-affiliated organization in order for that organization to obtain the lower lease rate or priority reservations. Such a practice, known as fronting, is prohibited.

Requests for events with potential to cause damage to the facility, expose the college to excessive liability, exceed space limitations, consist of training that may appear to be in direct competition with college classes/services, or otherwise be deemed inappropriate will not be approved. 

Equipment and/or Supplies Use – On Campus

An organization may have the use of college equipment by including a request for the equipment in the written rental request, provided that the equipment is not in use by the college. A fee will be assessed for use of college equipment when the equipment is not standard for the space rented. Any damage or replacement parts for equipment must be paid for by the user.

Whenever the operation of special equipment is needed, the organization renting will be responsible for paying all costs associated with setting up and/or operating the equipment.  Prior written authorization by the College President or designee is required for equipment to be taken off campus.

Supplies (e.g., photocopies, flip charts, markers, chalk, etc.) are not provided by the college unless outlined in the Facility Use Agreement. Applicable charges for supplies requested will be quoted to renter in advance and included in the rates identified in the Facility Use Agreement.


 The following regulations are applicable to the campus grounds:

  1. Motorized conveyances are permitted on the college grounds for college business only and shall be restricted to the parking area and roadways.
  2. Hiking, bicycling, snowshoeing and skiing are permitted during daylight hours. Recreational and potentially dangerous activities (e.g., skateboarding, inline skating etc.) are not allowed at any time.
  3. Overnight occupancy and the building of campfires on the college grounds are not permitted.
  4. All posted regulations must be observed and are enforced by the local Police Department.
  5. No commercial activities, unless part of an approved fundraising event, is allowed on campus without prior approval of PWT.
  6. All users of college facilities are required to abide by the current college policies relative to smoking, alcohol, drugs, and firearms.

 Responsibility:  The College does not assume responsibility for injury to persons renting college facilities.


a. Insurance and Indemnification

All non-affiliated organizations and individuals using College facilities must provide evidence of insurance in advance of the event, and must agree to indemnify and hold harmless the College, the Board of Trustees of Minnesota State, as well as their officers, employees, representatives and agents from and against all claims, demands, actions and all liability to any persons or property that are in any way related to the user’s use of College’s facilities.

b. Security

The Office of Public Safety will determine if security is required for an event involving College facilities and, if so, how much is required.  The amount of security required will be based on the decision of Public Safety based on the following considerations:  (1) the number of anticipated attendees; (2) the type of event; (3) whether alcohol is served at the event; (4) the locale of the event; and (5) other relevant factors. Organizations and individuals reserving or renting the space will bear the cost of security at events.

c. Food and Alcohol

All food served on campus must be catered by catering services; groups are prohibited from providing their own food or beverages or having an outside vendor caterer unless authorized by the Director of Auxiliary Services.

Alcohol is prohibited on campus unless approved by the College President.  When approved, proof of appropriate city permits and acceptable insurance coverage, obtained at the expense of the event organizer, is required.

d. Noise and Lighting

No user of the College facilities may operate any outdoor lighting in any way that interferes with the College’s primary mission to educate its student body. Outdoor sound amplification is not allowed.


Any activity that is prohibited by federal or state law or local ordinance is prohibited.   

Failure to abide by policies or agreements can lead to cancellation of event and use of facilities and prohibition of any further lease of facilities.


Anoka-Ramsey Community College reserves the right to cancel any scheduled use of its facilities due to weather and other emergencies.  The College retains the right to enter into agreements with local government units as needed to address any emergencies.


Anoka-Ramsey Community College does not assume any responsibility or obligation resulting from its decision to make its facilities available pursuant to this Procedure. All users of Anoka-Ramsey Community College facilities must comply with all federal, state and local laws, and with College policies.

8.     APPEALS

Decisions concerning use of College facilities may be appealed to the vice president of finance and administration.  The appeal must clearly identify where the previous facilities decision was incorrect.  The decision of the vice president is final.




12.2011           Updated philosophy on rental including criteria for events held on college property and rate sheet.

09.2018           Remove rate sheet; eliminated involvement of Facility Use Coordinator and changed to Director of Auxiliary Services; changed nomenclature from “designated room scheduler” to “EMS Administrator”; changed all food arranging to work directly with food service provider

04.2020           Substantive changes to clarify process, restrictions, and effect of facilities reservation and rental.  

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