Procedure 1A.4/11 Communication

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Procedure 1A.4/11 Communication

The college shall provide communications through the operational and contractual structure.


  • Four units (Executive, Student Services, Academic Affairs and Administration) shall serve as the basis for operational communications with all staff members assigned to a unit.
  • Each member shall be responsible for participation in their unit's communication process.
  • Each unit head is responsible for organizing and developing a communication procedure for exchange of information among unit members.
  • Inter-unit communications will be accomplished through: 

a. meetings of unit heads (President, Vice Presidents, Deans, President’s Cabinet/Council, Educational Services) 
b. Inter-unit meetings of unit members/departments
c. Joint meetings of the units called by the President
d. Timely email


  • The following employee and student constituent groups shall serve as the bases for contractual communications: AFSCME Council #5, MAPE, MMA, Student Senate and Faculty Association.
    • Each constituent group shall have the opportunity to meet with the President to present ideas and to influence decision-making in accordance with its contract or board policy.


The College blog, email, and college website are all official forms of communication.


12.2003 Removed “Statement of Intent”; moved some language into new policy and procedure 1A.1 Policy
07.2017 Technical changes; removed College Bulletin as the official medium for announcing college-wide matters

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