Procedure 1A.1/11 Policies and Procedures

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Procedure 1A.1/11 Policies and Procedures

1. Policy proposals and procedure proposals must be submitted to the President’s Office (Chief of Staff) and follow the established policy, procedure, and guideline approval process, as indicated here:

2. All constituent groups shall have the opportunity to review proposals and provide input during the 10-day comment period. 

3. When a college-wide matter needs further study by a constituent group, the College President may call for a task force consisting of students and/or staff members, to study the policy/procedure/guideline. Findings and recommendations of the task force shall be reported to the college community and may become the basis for proposals to be made through the approval process.

Form and Effect

  1. Policies and procedures shall be maintained by the President’s Office on the college’s public web site at
  2. All policies and procedures are initially brought to the designated policy shepherd for input, as indicated below*, who will present it to the President's Cabinet and "shepherd" it through the approval process. 
  3. Proposals should be written showing both the current version (proposed deletions indicated by strikethrough and proposed changes/additions underlined). All proposals should include a brief rationale for the proposal, which should be understood by the policy shepherd. 
  4. In the event of a conflict between ARCC policy and Minnesota State Board policy, procedure, or guideline, Minnesota State Board policy shall govern. 

*Policy shepherds: (If your proposed policy or procedure falls in the areas below, include that administrator in the process) 

Organization and Administration (ARCC  & ATC Chapter 1): VP of Finance and Administration

Student Affairs (ARCC & ATC Chapter 2): Dean of Student Affairs

Academic Affairs (ARCC & ATC Chapter 3): VP of Academic & Student Affairs

Human Resources (ARCC & ATC Chapter 4): Chief Human Resources Officer

Physical Plant Operations (ARCC Chapter 6 & ATC Chapter 5): VP of Finance and Administration

Business Affairs (ARCC Chapter 7 & ATC Chapter 6): VP of Finance and Administration

College Relations (ARCC Chapter 8 & ATC Chapter 7): Exec Director of Foundations & Professional Workforce Training

Guidelines (ARCC Chapter 9 & ATC Chapter 8): Chief of Staff/Special Assistant to the President



02.2004 Adopted new procedure; some sections were extracted from Policy 1A.4 Communication and its procedure

07.2017 Technical changes, from MnSCU to Minnesota State

08.2017 Technical changes; removed references to College Bulletin and other obsolete structures, positions, and processes

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