Procedure 1A.1/11 Policies and Procedures

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Procedure 1A.1/11 Policies and Procedures

  1. Matters designated by contracts or board policy and changes to policies shall be announced as policy proposals.
  2. Policy proposals and procedure proposals must be submitted to the President’s Office for publication in the College Bulletin and include a brief rationale for the proposal.
  3. The College Bulletin is the official medium for announcing policy proposals.
    • ITEM 2 in the Bulletin will announce POLICY PROPOSALS.
    • ITEM 3 will announce the final ACTION taken by the president on policy proposals.
  1. Procedure proposals will be emailed from the college President’s Office to the leaders of all constituent groups.
  1. All constituent groups shall have the opportunity to review proposals and provide input to the President through either 1) their representative group or 2) electronic mail, if their group does not have a formal communication structure.
  2. Constituent groups may request a delay of action by the President to allow for additional study of a proposal.
  1. When a collegewide matter needs further study by a joint group, the President may call for a task force consisting of students and/or staff members, appointed by the constituent groups. Findings and recommendations of the task force shall be reported to the college community and may become the basis for proposals to be made through the structure.

Form and Effect

  1. Policies and procedures shall be maintained by the President’s Office in hard copy format and on the college’s public web site at
  1. Proposals should be written in accordance with legislative format. All proposals should include a brief rationale for the proposal.
  1. In the event of a conflict between college policy and Board policy, system procedure, or system guideline, Board policy shall govern.




02.2004 Adopted new procedure; some sections were extracted from Policy 1A.4 Communication and its procedure

07.2017 Technical changes, from MnSCU to Minnesota State

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