Policy 3A.2 Software Copyright

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Policy 3A.2 Software Copyright

Respect for intellectual labor and creativity is vital to academic discourse and enterprise. This principle applies to works of all authors and publishers in all media. It encompasses respect for the right to acknowledgement, right to privacy, and right to determine the form, manner, and terms of publication and distribution.

Because electronic information is volatile and easily reproduced, respect for the work and personal expression of others is especially critical in computer environments. Violations of authorial integrity, including plagiarism, invasion of privacy, unauthorized access, and trade secret and copyright violations, may be grounds for sanctions against members of the academic community.

Reproducing computer software without authorization violates the U.S. Copyright Law. It is a federal offense. The money paid for a software product represents a license fee for the use of one copy. It does not represent an authorization to copy. Civil damages for unauthorized software copying can be as much as $50,000 or more, and criminal penalties include fines and imprisonment.

In compliance with the law, the college, therefore, declares:

1. that all college personnel are prohibited from using computers provided by Anoka-Ramsey Community College to reproduce copyrighted computer software, except as authorized by the owner of the copyright.

2. that all college personnel are prohibited from making any duplicates, modifications, adaptations, enhancements, changes, or derived works of computer software that is purchased or licensed for use by Anoka-Ramsey Community College, except as authorized by the owner of the copyright.

Source: USING SOFTWARE, A Guide to the Ethical and Legal Use of Software for Members of the Academic Community; EDUCOM Software Initiative, PO ox 364, Princeton, NJ 08540, and ADAPSO, 1300 North 17th Street, Suite 300, Arlington, VA 22209.



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