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Exercise Science Program

Coon Rapids, MN

Question and Answer

  • Question

    What originally brought you to Anoka-Ramsey?


    It's close to home, and when I got out of the Navy I wasn't looking to go to a big University.

  • Question

    What are your favorite things about Anoka-Ramsey?


    The class sizes and the personable instructors. The class sizes make it easier to get to know the people in them, which makes life a lot easier when you have to give a presentation or things to that effect. And the instructors take a genuine interest in the students. That's helped me feel more comfortable when approaching them.

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    What do you think of the Exercise Science program?


    I've been exercising in one form or another since I was four years old, and yet I have learned a ton of information over the last two semesters that I had never understood prior to entering this program.

Fun Facts

  • Fast Fact #1

    Lance’s dream job is to coach football in a major college program.

  • Fast Fact #2

    And his wild dream is to be head coach of the Minnesota Vikings!

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