Supplemental Equipment List Procedure for Instruction Committee

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Supplemental Equipment List Procedure for Instruction Committee

  1. The Supplemental Equipment List for Instruction Committee will develop a proposed Supplemental Equipment List for the instructional component of Educational Services. This will be a faculty committee consisting of one member from each of the divisions. During the first division meeting of fall semester, each division will elect a representative to the committee. This representative will serve for one year. In case of resignation, the division will elect a new representative to complete the term. The Chief Academic Officer (CAO) will serve as a non-voting member of the committee. The CAO will call and conduct meetings and will explain the procedure below.
  2. Requests for supplemental equipment are submitted annually with the Integrated Budget Packet. Each request should be submitted on the "Proposal for Supplemental Funding" form. Each request should be accompanied by a written rationale for the item or items requested. Individuals or divisions may prioritize their own requests.
  3. The committee will schedule meetings at which all requests from individuals or divisions will be discussed. Individuals with specific requests may choose to be present and help their division's representative explain their requests. The committee may choose to limit the time for presentation and discussion of each item.
  4. Once all the items have been discussed, each committee member will (in private) score all the items requested, giving each item a score from 0 to 10 (10 indicating a top priority item). Each person's scoring sheet will be given to the CAO and will be available for examination by anyone. The committee may eliminate an item from the list, with written rationale to be sent to the initiator of that request. The result will be the proposed Supplemental Equipment List for the instructional component of Educational Services.
  5. The list will then be considered by the CAO who may choose to eliminate, to add or to alter the position of some items on the list. Before doing so, the CAO will meet with the committee to explain the proposed changes and hear the committee's thoughts on those changes.
  6. This procedure will be completed once each year. If additional funds become available during the year, a second meeting may be called to review and update the existing list.
  7. A procedure will be initiated by the student and customized training components of Educational Services to develop their own supplemental equipment lists. The lists from the three areas will be combined to establish the Supplemental Equipment List for Educational Services.
  8. After the CAO is satisfied with the combined list, it will be published in the College Bulletin.




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