Supplemental Equipment and Furniture Committee - Cambridge Campus

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Supplemental Equipment and Furniture Committee - Cambridge Campus



The purposes of the Cambridge Campus Supplemental Equipment & Furniture Committee are to:

  • Prioritize the Cambridge Campus supplemental equipment requests.
  • Prioritize the Cambridge Campus furniture requests.
  • Forward the two prioritized lists to the College President.


  • Chief Academic Officer (Chair)
  • Director of Fiscal Services
  • Two faculty representatives
  • Student Services representative
  • Classified staff representative
  • Technology Representative

Process and Timeline

  1. Requests for supplemental equipment are submitted annually with the Integrated Budget Packet.  Each request should be submitted on the "Proposal for Supplemental Funding" form. Each request should be accompanied by a written rationale for the item or items requested. Individuals or divisions may prioritize their own requests.
  2. Supplemental Equipment & Furniture Committee prioritizes and forwards the list to the college President by May 1.



06.2009 Updated


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