Procedure 5H.1/11 Parking (Fees and Enforcement)

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Procedure 5H.1/11 Parking (Fees and Enforcement)


Registration Fees

A. Parking Fees: Parking fees for students are due with their general fees at the Business Office. Faculty and staff fees are deducted from pay checks once per semester.

B. Parking Use Fees: (as of 08/09/17)

$1.80 per credit
$27.00 per semester
Part-time employee prorated at $1.80 per semester FTE  

C.  Waivers/Appeals: If an employee or student feels he/she should not have to pay the parking fee he/she should complete the Parking/Facilities Fee Appeal form. This form should be turned into the Public Safety Office. Waivers of this fee will be approved or denied by the Chair of the Parking Committee.

In conformity with the law, all faculty, staff, and students are responsible for paying the parking fee. 


Every sheriff, constable, police officer, or other peace officer shall see that all rules of this regulation are obeyed and shall enforce the same in the same manner and to the same extent as ordinances of the cities of Coon Rapids or Cambridge, or laws of the State of Minnesota.

  1. Patrolling will be conducted by the Coon Rapids or Cambridge Police Department in the same manner and to the same extent as other areas of the city.
  2. Minnesota State or its designee may appoint and employ persons who shall have and may exercise on property owned, leased or occupied by the college the same powers of arrest for a violation of these rules and regulations as possessed by a sheriff, constable, police officer or peace officer.
  3. If the college should appoint and employ such a person, patrolling of the college premises will be coordinated between such person and the appropriate law enforcement agency.


Any person violating any provision of this regulation may be guilty of a petty misdemeanor. Any fines paid as a result of a violation of this ordinance shall be paid to the city of Coon Rapids or Cambridge in the same manner as fines received from the violation of city ordinances.




09.2010 Removed reference to parking permit, updated fee amounts

07.2017 Technical changes: MnSCU to Minnesota State; updated fee amounts 

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