Procedure 5D.1/11 Auxiliary Enterprises: Bookstores

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Procedure 5D.1/11 Auxiliary Enterprises: Bookstores

Required materials for courses shall be determined by the faculty and conveyed to Bookstore staff. Faculty members are responsible for providing information for the required materials to the Bookstores on a timely basis so that Bookstore staff have adequate time to obtain the materials to offer them for sale to the students prior to and during each semester.

The direct sale of textbooks and materials to students by faculty is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the Bookstore Manager.

Vendors and order quantities are at the discretion of the Bookstore Manager.

Course materials written by faculty to be sold in the bookstores must be given directly to bookstore staff, who will prepare the appropriate printing request documentation. Under no circumstances shall faculty go directly to the printing department for these types of materials requests.

A used book “Buy Back” period shall be offered to students following each semester during final exam week. Title and quantities of books purchased are at the discretion of the Bookstore Manager. The bookstores shall also offer the services of a wholesale used-book company. If either bookstore has enough of a particular title, or if a title is not being used on that campus the following semester, the wholesaler may purchase it for other schools across the country, as a price determined by national supply and demand.

Textbooks may be returned for full purchase price during the first ten days of each semester or the first ten days of a late-starting course. Items returned during this period must be in new condition if purchased new and must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt.




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