Procedure 4I.1/11 Weather and Emergency Closing or Cancellation

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Procedure 4I.1/11 Weather and Emergency Closing or Cancellation

During inclement weather, employees and students should use discretion when determining whether they can safely report for duty.  In such cases, emergency/personal leave or vacation leave may be granted, as approved by the employee’s supervisor. 

The decision to close the campuses or college, delay opening or cancel classes and/or activities resides with the college president or designee.  Every attempt will be made to make the official decision no later than 5:30 a.m. with notification to follow as soon as possible.  A decision to close may still be made after this time if the decision is made to stay open and inclement weather deteriorates later in the day, or if inclement weather arises throughout the day. It is the responsibility of the employee and student to continue to monitor the notification methods in order to receive the most up-to-date information in case of late closures or cancellations. 

The closure of state agencies by the Commissioner of the Minnesota Management & Budget does not apply to Minnesota State institutions. The Governor of Minnesota has emergency powers to issue an executive order to change the work schedule of executive branch employees in cases of natural disaster or other emergencies (M.S. Section 12.21). These executive orders do apply to Minnesota State employees. 


  • Closing the College: Close all operations other than those operations deemed essential to the protection of life and property. Closing the college results in the cancellation of classes, student, faculty and staff activities, and meetings. All general offices are closed.
  • Delayed Opening: Closing of all operations for a designated period of time other than those operations deemed essential to the protection of life and property.
  • Cancellation of Classes and/or Activities:  Cancel one, several, or all classes, without officially closing the entire college or campus. Cancellation of non-academic activities refers to cancellation of an event such as athletic events, theatrical productions, concerts, or workshops.  Cancellation of classes does not excuse any employee from work. 

Essential Employees

Essential employees must report for duty regardless of college closing/delayed opening. For the most recent list of essential employees, review each college’s Emergency Response Plan


Notification of the decision to close, delay or cancel will be made via the following methods:

  1. WCCO Radio, Television and Web site (Dial 830 AM) (Notification made by Marketing/Public Relations/Public Safety)  
  2. Phone systems: Notification will be added to the main campus line (763-433-1100 and 763-576-4700) (Notification made by Information Technology)
  3. Star Alert: Those who have signed up to receive Star Alert notifications will receive notification via Star Alert. (Notification made by Marketing/Public Relations)



02.2009 Defined notification systems

05.2012 Aligned procedure with Anoka Technical College procedure. Name changed to: Weather and Emergency Closing or Cancellation  

07.2017 Technical changes, MnSCU to Minnesota State



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