Procedure 4G.1/11 College-Level Employee Development

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Procedure 4G.1/11 College-Level Employee Development



  1. Staff members are responsible for their own professional development.
  2. The President is responsible for coordinating and approving staff development programs funded by the college.


  1. To maintain high quality programs, services, and staff
  2. To enable individuals whose positions are scheduled to be abolished to acquire background that would qualify for filling positions in other programs and services
  3. To provide opportunities for individual and group staff development activities
  4. To develop new programs and teaching methods

Program Options

  • Sabbaticals
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • Travel
  • Release Time
  • Coursework
  • Self-study
  • Professional Development Days
  • In-Service
  • Professional Leave


  1. Professional development activities should be coordinated with staff assessment/evaluation.
  2. Staff development should include opportunities for classified and unclassified.
  3. All staff development activities must be consistent with the respective contracts and college rules.
  4. All staff development plans should include a variety of the above program options.
  5. Approval to be absent from an assignment to attend a staff development activity must be approved by the appropriate supervisor.
  6. Funding requests for individual faculty staff development will go directly to the Faculty Staff Development Committee for review,
  7. Faculty staff development programs for groups will be budgeted, planned and conducted by division/programs.
  8. Classified staff development will be budgeted, planned and conducted by college units.
  9. Duty days will be scheduled on a "need" basis to accomplish college-wide staff development.
  10. Institutional travel will be assigned by the President.
  11. An annual staff development report will be prepared by the Director of Human Resources for inclusion in the Annual Report.



07.2001 Adopted



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