Procedure 1B.4/11 Individuals with Disabilities

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Procedure 1B.4/11 Individuals with Disabilities

1. Anoka-Ramsey Community College will inform all employees of this accommodation policy in accessible formats. 

2. The employee shall inform his/her manager or supervisor of the need for an accommodation. 

3. The college may request documentation of the individual’s functional limitations to support the request. Any medical documentation must be collected and maintained on separate forms and in separate files. Supervisors and managers may be told about necessary restrictions on the work or duties of the employee and about necessary accommodations. Supervisors and managers will not be told or have access to medical information unless the disability might require emergency treatment. 

4. When a qualified individual with a disability has requested an accommodation, the employer shall, in consultation with the individual:

a. Discuss the purpose and essential functions of the particular job involved. Completion of a step-by-step job analysis may be necessary. 
b. Determine the precise job-related limitation. 
c. Identify the potential accommodations and assess the effectiveness each would have in allowing the individual to perform the essential functions of the job. 
d. Select and implement the accommodation that is the most appropriate for both the individual and the employer. While an individual’s preference will be given consideration, Anoka-Ramsey is free to choose among equally effective accommodations and may choose the one that is less expensive or easier to provide.

5. The college’s ADA Coordinator/Designee should work with the supervisor and employee to obtain technical assistance, as needed. 

6. If the supervisor is unable to make a definitive decision, for whatever reason, about providing the accommodation, the supervisor will forward a written request for accommodation along with his/her recommendation to the Manager/Supervisor within 5 working days following the employee’s request. 

7. If the Manager/Supervisor is unable to make a definitive decision, for whatever reason, about providing the accommodation, the Manager/Supervisor will forward a written request for accommodation, along with his/her recommendations, to Anoka-Ramsey’s President or designee within 10 working days following the employee’s request. 

8. The college’s President or designee will provide a decision in writing to the ADA Coordinator/Designee and employee within 10 working days. 

9. If an accommodation cannot overcome the existing barriers or if the accommodation would cause an undue hardship on the operation of the business, the employee and the ADA Coordinator/Designee shall work together to determine whether reassignment may be an appropriate accommodation. 

The college ADA Coordinator/Designee shall first look for an equivalent vacant position at Anoka-Ramsey equivalent to the one presently held by the employee in terms of pay and other job status. If the individual with the disability is not qualified, with or without reasonable accommodation, for a vacant position (or a position Anoka-Ramsey knows will become vacant within a reasonable period of time), Anoka-Ramsey may reassign the individual as a reasonable accommodation to a lower graded vacant position for which the employee is qualified. If this occurs, Anoka-Ramsey is not required to maintain the individual’s salary at the previous level. 

The college will look at transfer opportunities, mobility opportunities, appointment opportunities, noncompetitive and competitive opportunities (MS 43A). The college is not required to create a new job or to bump another employee from a job in order to provide a reassignment as a reasonable accommodation. 

10. If a request for accommodation is not approved, the college President or designee shall inform the employee of the reason(s) for non-approval, in writing, within 3 working days of the decision.

Adapted from State of Minnesota, ADA Reference Manual, 1996, pp. 30 and 31. 



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