Procedure 1A.13/11 Public & Private Information: Maintenance and Retention

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Procedure 1A.13/11 Public & Private Information: Maintenance and Retention

The Record Retention Schedule identifies the management and destruction parameters of college-generated information about students and employees. Each work unit of the college will develop a system for dating, filing, and maintaining this information. The person identified under “management” on the Record Retention Schedule is responsible for security, release and destruction of information. Information shall not be released to the public without following the appropriate internal process. 

The Chief Human Resources Officer and Dean of Student Life are recognized as data privacy coordinators for the college. Data Privacy Coordinators shall be contacted about the following:

  • Disposal of non-shreddable items
  • Records maintained beyond the length identified in the Record Retention Schedule
  • Disposal of information not listed in the Record Retention Schedule
  • Reporting of any violations of proper release, security or destruction of records
  • Clarification about the proper release of information

For a comprehensive list of public and private information maintained and retained about students and college employees, contact the office of the Data Practices Compliance Officer.

Also see Records Retention Schedule* (N:\ARCC Public\FORMS\Human Resources)

*Changes to the Record Retention Schedule must be approved by the Minnesota Historical Society, the Attorney General’s Office and the Legislative Auditor’s Office before implementation at the college.




09.2006 Removed listing of college offices that collect and maintain public and private records 

12.2008 Added records retention link.

07.2017 Technical changes


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