Proposal and Approval Process for Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

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Proposal and Approval Process for Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

Any Anoka-Ramsey Community College student or employee may submit a policy proposal. The purpose of the proposal can be 1) to establish a new policy, procedure or guideline; 2) to amend a current policy, procedure; or guideline; or 3) to repeal a current policy, procedure, or guideline. However, if the rationale for a proposal is to address only technical changes in a current policy, then the formal proposal process is not required. The Special Assistant to the President will determine whether or not the proposed change is a technical change or must go through the formal approval process.

Following is the process for policy, procedure, and guideline proposals:

  1. Request a Word or PDF copy of the most recent version of the policy, procedure, or guideline from the Special Assistant to the President.
  2. Policy shepherds have been established for each policy chapter, and are identified in the policy and procedure flowchart. The appropriate policy shepherd should be consulted prior to making any suggested edits and submitting to the Special Assistant to the President.
  3. Using either a manual or electronic process of choice, and in conjunction with the policy shepherd, proposed language changes should be written or typed, and should have the word DRAFT on the document.
  4. Submit marked up document to the Special Assistant to the President's office using this email address: The Chief of Staff will put the document in the proper legislative format to prepare for the approval process.
  5. The President's Cabinet will review all proposals as the initial step in the formal approval process.
  6. The college communities will be notified when the policy, procedure, or guideline has been approved by the President's Cabinet and is ready for public comment. The invitation to a two-week comment period will be sent by the Special Assistant to the President from the email address. Members of the college community may make any comments and suggestions by responding to that email, and the policy shepherd will determine if comments merit a revisit by the President's Cabinet.
  7. The remainder of the formal approval process will occur as documented in the policy and procedure flow chart, resulting ultimately in the policy, procedure, or guideline being updated on the college's website and the college community notified of the new, amended, or repealed policy via the previously-mentioned policies and procedures email account.



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08.2017 Technical changes to align process with previously-approved policy and procedure flow chart

01.2019 Technical changes to reflect position title change





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