Policy 5K.2 Travel by Students and Staff

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Policy 5K.2 Travel by Students and Staff

State vehicles are to be used for college business only. Out-of-state travel by students, staff and other paid college representatives acting on behalf of the college or as participants in college programs, or non-college travel using the college name and campus for promotion, shall have prior approval in writing from the College President or the President’s designee. Smoking is not permitted in state or college vehicles.

Refer to N:\ARCC Public\Safety and Security\Motor Vehicle Driving Information & Forms for the Minnesota State Vehicle Fleet Safety Program Guidelines.  



05.1984 Adopted policy

07.2001 Updated

12.2009 Added reference to Motor Vehicle Driving Information on the N:Drive and smoking statement. Clarified out-of-state travel approval.  

07.2017 Technical change, MnSCU to Minnesota State



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