Policy 5C.3 Complimentary Tickets

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Policy 5C.3 Complimentary Tickets

All printed tickets for events on campus must be made available in the campus bookstores. This includes any event sponsored by the college or an event sponsored by a group not affiliated with the college but using the campus facilities and charging an entry fee.

All college-sponsored events on campus shall be free unless prior approval to charge admission has been granted by the College President or President's designee. Approval shall be requested before the official starting date of the semester in which the event is scheduled. Complimentary passes may be issued, upon request, to events for which admission is charged, as follows:

  • College faculty, staff, advisory committee members, Foundation Board members – 2 each
  • Participants – 2 each
  • Students – 2 each with valid student ID

Additional passes may be available upon request from the Coordinator of Student Activities.

For events with reserved seating, the same number of reserved seats will be issued. 



10.2017  Technical change: "President or his designee" to "President or President's designee"



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