Policy 3B.4 Common Course Outlines

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Policy 3B.4 Common Course Outlines

Each Dean will ensure a current Anoka-Ramsey Community College Common Course Outline (CC) is on file with the Chief Academic Officer for each course available through the college. A copy of that Common Course Outline must also be available in electronic format on the shared drive, as well as on the publicly accessible college website. All courses must be taught in accordance with the approved objectives listed on the Common Course Outline. 

It is accepted that instructors’ pedagogical techniques vary and that course objectives will consequently be approached in unique ways. While a variety of individual pedagogical approaches is encouraged and supported to allow for the individualism of each instructor, it is expected that those pedagogical approaches will be focused on achieving the objectives of the course as contained in the Common Course Outline.


10.2009 Updated responsibility and area for filing Common Course Outline

11.2018 Updated area for filing Common Course Outline




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