Policy 1A.14 Telephone and Fax Usage

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Policy 1A.14 Telephone and Fax Usage


Policy Statement

The following rules apply to cellular and office telephones, as well as the College fax machines. The College and the State Department of Administration audit telephone records on a regular basis. Employees found in violation of College and/or State telephone usage policies may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with state statute.


Personal Use

State telephones shall not be used for personal long distance calls. Such calls constitute illegal avoidance of federal taxes. Further, personal calls, when charged to the state, are clearly contrary to the proper usage of these facilities for state business only. Audits will be made of telephone statements. Individuals making personal long distance calls from state facilities may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with state statute.

Business Use

9 + 1 + area code + telephone number

Enter the long distance authorization code upon request and long distance charges will be charged to the associated cost center.


Directory assistance shall be used only for business purposes.


The administration understands that local personal calls may be necessary during the workday. However, these calls should be limited to breaks and lunch periods whenever possible. If it is necessary to have a personal telephone conversation during business hours, the call should be kept short and to the point.


The College fax machines are for College business use only.  Personal use is prohibited.


College Business Use – Any activity the advances the college’s mission and strategic plan and goals, for example, advancement of student success, support of academic, administrative, and business activities, and engagement with the internal and external community to benefit the college.



04.2014 Update and align (ATC). Adopted and aligned (ARCC)

07.2017 Technical changes


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