Policy 1A.11 Hours: Principles for Development

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Policy 1A.11 Hours: Principles for Development

The college’s mission statement says: Anoka-Ramsey is committed to responding to the educational needs of its changing communities, providing an opportunity for individuals to develop and enhance their knowledge, skills, and values in a supportive learning environment.

Therefore, the college shall establish a schedule of service hours for all offices and departments on both campuses. The schedule shall incorporate the following principles to provide the supportive learning environment necessary for individuals to successfully achieve their educational, career, and personal development goals, within available college resources and dependent upon demand. The goals are:

  1. Serve the convenience of the community-at-large.
  2. Accommodate special needs of programs, depending upon available college resources and demand.
  3. Seek consistency between departments, campuses, and educational partners.
  4. Reflect both class- and non-class-day hours on the schedule.
  5. Post summer service hours by May 1 on or near the door of each department or office.
  6. Consider the institution’s fiscal health in support of extended hours.


Service hours are approved by the college president.



11.2004 Adopted and implemented; Procedure 1A.5/11 Service Hours, which formerly was the procedure supporting Policy 1A.5 Calendar: Principles for Development, was moved to support Policy 1A.11.

07.2017 Technical changes


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