Laptop Assignment and Terms and Conditions

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Laptop Assignment and Terms and Conditions


I. Eligibility

For various reasons, Anoka-Ramsey Community College is not able to provide laptops to all who might benefit from them. Those that are available will be allocated to a percentage of unlimited full-time faculty members based on the following eligibility criteria:

• Instructor Needs and Usage Rating
• Available Laptops
• Instructor Preference
• Exceptional Circumstances

After the initial allocation, an instructor’s lifecycle benchmark will also be considered.

II. General Guidelines

a. Desktop Use
In general, users must choose between a laptop or a desktop computer. Laptops will be equipped with a docking station or port replicator. Faculty who are assigned laptops will need to port them at least once every two weeks and will need to bring them to IT for re-imaging once per semester.

b. Business and Personal Use
College-owned laptops are intended for college-related activities. Employees may make reasonable personal use of college-owned laptops consistent with Minnesota State Procedure 5.22.1.

c. Software
Faculty will not have full administrative rights on the college-assigned laptops. To the degree possible, Anoka-Ramsey IT will install the same software as installed on college desktop computers. Requests for course- or use-specific software will be evaluated case-by-case and may require dean approval. A request process will be in place to make software installations as efficient as possible.

d. Acceptable Use
The use of laptops, including off-campus use, is strictly regulated by college and Minnesota State policy:
Minnesota State Computers and Information Technology Resources.

e. Equipment Return
Laptops must be returned to Anoka-Ramsey IT if requested or if employment ends. No laptop will be upgraded or replaced unless the original equipment is returned.

III. Loss, Theft, Damage Responsibilities

Faculty members are responsible for taking reasonable care of assigned laptops to ensure they are not damaged, lost, or stolen.

Damage resulting from normal usage will be repaired or restored through Anoka-Ramsey IT. Repair or restoration that is necessary because of user abuse or neglect may be the responsibility of the faculty member.

In case of loss, the faculty member may be responsible for the replacement insurance deductible. If Anoka-Ramsey incurs loss charges, the laptop may be replaced with a desktop computer from the rotational pool.

IV. Security Protection

To ensure that virus protection and other security patches are current, laptops must be docked and connected to the college’s network at least once every two weeks. In the case of a significant security alert, users will be contacted to bring their laptops to Anoka-Ramsey IT to ensure that proper security is enabled. Once per semester, faculty will need to bring laptops to Anoka-Ramsey IT for re-imaging.

V. Data Protection

Data should be stored on the college network and not on the laptop hard drive. In addition, data back-up practices should be followed.

VI. Support

Anoka-Ramsey IT support of college-owned laptops will be equivalent to support provided for college-owned desktop computers. Direct support will only be provided while laptops are on campus.

Laptop Package Assignment
Terms and Conditions of Use 

1.1. I agree that the assigned laptop package at all times remains the property of Anoka-Ramsey Community College and is provided to me for my use as a teacher in performance of my duties.

1.2. I will do my part to keep the laptop package in good working order and will notify Anoka-Ramsey IT immediately of any defect or malfunction.

1.3. The consent of Anoka-Ramsey IT is required to add or delete any hardware (excluding peripherals) and to install software that does not come pre-loaded on the laptop by Anoka-Ramsey IT.

1.4. I will use the assigned laptop package lawfully and in accordance with college and Minnesota State policies.

1.5. I will not sell, assign, transfer, or otherwise dispose of the assigned laptop package.

1.6. I will participate in a laptop assignment training session that will outline expectations, demonstrate specific features and uses of my assigned laptop, and answer questions about the laptop assignment agreement, terms, and conditions.

1.7. If I breach any of the terms and conditions, the college may revoke this arrangement by giving me 14 days written notice.

1.8. In the event that I discontinue my employment with the college or if my employment status changes in such a way that I am no longer eligible for laptop assignment, I will return all components of the assigned laptop package to the college in good working order on or before my last day of employment or status change.

1.9. I acknowledge that I cannot substitute any elements of the laptop package I have been provided with any other laptop package (which is now or may subsequently become available) during the term of assignment.

1.10. I will take good care of the laptop package assignment at all times, including:

• Not leaving the laptop unattended in a public place
• Not leaving the laptop unattended or unsecured in a classroom or other place in the college; when not in use, the laptop should be docked or secured.
• Not leaving the laptop in plain view in an unattended or unsecured vehicle. Laptops should be locked in the vehicle trunk or secured out of sight in the vehicle.
• Not allowing the laptop to be accessed by any other person without your authorization
• Ensuring that the laptop is handled, transported, and used with care.

1.11. I will not remove, conceal, or alter any laptop markings, tags, or engravings.

1.12. If the laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged, I will contact Anoka-Ramsey IT as soon as possible.

1.13. I will not allow my network user account and password to be used by anybody but myself, unless requested by Anoka-Ramsey IT to do so.

1.14. I will save data to the college networks rather than the laptop hard drive and will back up my work. Any data saved on the laptop hard drive is not secure and may be lost if the laptops is repaired or re-imaged.

1.15. I understand that due to current licensing arrangements, the laptop package cannot be used by me for any commercial purpose.

1.16. I will participate in an evaluation(s) of laptop assignment if requested. Any evaluation process put in place will be designed in consultation with faculty union representation.

Laptop Use Agreement

I confirm that I have read and understand the laptop assignment agreement. I also agree to the related Terms and Conditions of Use and am willing to receive a laptop assignment subject to those Terms and Conditions.

By signing this Laptop Use Agreement, I agree to the terms and conditions and accept delivery of the laptop.


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