ITV Meeting Norms

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ITV Meeting Norms


Facilitator Responsibilities:

  1. All materials must be provided in an identical format for both campuses, or they cannot be distributed at all, nor can materials be promised to one campus later while being used on the other campus.
  2. All activities, and materials for those activities, must be identically provided for both campuses or the activity must not be included in the meeting.
  3. Any refreshments/treats must be provided identically to both campuses or forgone entirely.
  4. Any A/V presentations must be equivalently presented to both campuses or not used. Notify the assisting IT professional of your A/V presentation requirements so it can be setup and ready before the meeting begins.
  5. Remind all participants to speak loudly and clearly and to avoid side conversations.
  6. If leading the first of two consecutive meetings, end 10 minutes before the hour to allow IT set-up time for the next meeting.

Participant Responsibilities:

  1. All participants on both sides must be facing the camera and within camera range, moving furniture as necessary.
  2. Participants should sit close together so the cameras can be zoomed in.
  3. Speak loudly and clearly in the direction of the microphone.
  4. Avoid all side conversations.
  5. Minimize distracting noises, e.g. shuffling paper, opening wrappers.
  6. Do not provide a handout, snack, or activity that is not identically offered on both campuses. 

OIT Responsibilities:

  1. Set up ITV connection 10 minutes in advance of the meeting. (The first of two consecutive meetings would need to end 10 minutes before the hour to accommodate this.)
  2. Assist with video source and screen arrangement/format, microphones, audio volume, camera zoom, and pan on both sides.
  3. Remain in the room throughout the start of the meeting to ensure it is running properly.
  4. Adjust microphones and audio settings so all participants can be heard clearly, testing the microphones in the Mississippi Room especially, and offering instructions to participants about where to sit or direct their speaking so they will be heard clearly.



12.2018 Adopted

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