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Facilities Committee



The emphasis for the establishment of the Campus Facilities Committee is to facilitate requests from faculty, staff, and students; provide a forum for discussion; and make suggestions for facility topics that affect the student learning environment.  It does not preclude decisions made by the Administration that are day-to-day operational practices or projects initiated by the Administration.  A Facilities Committee shall be established for each campus.


  • To make suggestions to the College President regarding facility topics that affect the student learning environment

Committee Responsibilities

  • Review input for campus master building plan
  • Discuss proposed campus changes that have been forwarded to the committee chair from faculty, staff, and students

Committee Members

  • Chair, appointed by the College president
  • Two faculty representatives
  • Director of Facilities 
  • AFSCME, MAPE, MMA representative
  • Technology representative
  • Student representative
  • Administrative representative


The committee will meet as determined by the chair.


  • Individual faculty, staff, and student requests are to be forwarded to the committee chair who will determine if the request should be forwarded to the committee.  Facilities changes are still made at the discretion of the dean and College Administration.
  • Committee meets and reviews requests and makes suggestions to the college president
  • College President makes decision



Adoption date unknown



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